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News is coming! New News!

Whoa, HOld up! Just when I thought it was all dreary and dull = time for bed. The news happens!? Alright, Pooling your assets First up, of personal interest to me .. and anyone else who loves billiards but hates … Continue reading

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Have I told you lately…

Aww, Elon Musk… how I love you. Let me count the ways… 1 share of Tesla motors, 2 shares of Tesla motors, 3 shares of Tesla motors… Oh, and there’s the amazing engineering your heading off with your private funds.. … Continue reading

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SIU aka UEA (read on)

Wow, apparently breaking arms is part of false arrests! Who knew? So, I was thinking.. why don’t we scrap the police force entirely and just have the SIU running things for the province? Hell, province? World! Possibly even scrap the … Continue reading

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