Martens are coming?

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One can only hope. {Pine Marten pictures from}

November was the first month, in my long line or rants, that I managed to write something for each day. Though I may not have managed to post them each day.. I did contribute enough posts for each day of that 30 day month. And I am pleased.

I’m also surprised. It surprised me to see – I read a lot. I’ve got to say I feel a little stupid (yes, more than usual) when people (fewer and fewer people) ask me if I’ve read a good book lately.. or what’s the last novel I read? I rarely read novels. I’m more of a reference manual person hehehe. Believe it or not. Think about it – I flip through, I find what I want.. and I go off and do something else. Zero commitment. I like that. 🙂 Freedom!

But with nooveellss … no no, you have to cling to it; you have to read each page or else you’re out of the loop. It’s that whiny little bitch of the relationship (if you consider reading a relationship) (*shrug* if you’ve got nothing else), constantly draining you for attention. If fall asleep..oh boy, you’re going to have to repent and reread the past few pages to make up for it. And, …  I just don’t see the payoff!?

You’re fiction! Get over yourself!

I learn very little from fiction. : /  When I was younger I could enjoy it, it was entertaining. But, now I’ve got choices besides books to entertain me. Reading has mostly become a quest for knowledge. I want or need to know something – I look it up. I want to know that the facts/figures/events/people are real. I don’t want someone else’s crap take on things. I make my own everyday. Reading fact is like a break for my head.

Anyway, to round off. Today’s reading? The Mustelidae family.

Despite the sound, they are not an Italian mafia family. hrm…

It started with the news of Minks taking over Toronto. Then went on to Fishers.

Fishers are ugly, but then.. I finally found my match – Mr. Marten. Awww.. he’s cute. 🙂

Awww, today’s happy discovery was the Marten. I’m sad to learn that he’s feeling a bit ‘endangered’ in some areas. But, aw, I can understand why! Look at him 🙂 Wouldn’t you want one, dead or a live? Hrm.. if he’s related to a Sable he must be really soft too.. double plus! And unlike famously sharky Minks … I haven’t heard of any Marten attitude problems.

So, the moral of the story is.. if you were to drop off an orphaned Marten or six at my door.. I would be happy to take care of the sleek little furballs. And they eat red squirrels?! Ace, I hate squirrels!

Have a Marten-rific Day~!


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