Lennon is to Lenin as: c) color is to colour? Wrong.

Well, the news has reminded us.. if for no other reason than the fact that our area has no real news .. that today is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s passing. That’s John L-E-N-N-O-N of the Beatles, not to be confused with Vladimir IlyichLenin né Ulyanov one of (and possibly the most recognizable) the key men in making the USSR the Collective-Commie-Coldwar Peril that it was, and some would argue – still is.

*Note: I honestly believe Lenin’s intentions were good, for the greater good and that he was benevolent. He was no saint but certainly better than Stalin (who as we all know, was his successor despite Lenin’s wishes for it to be Trotsky).

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.. I’m not much a fan of Lennon. Sure he had some good songs, and how can anyone hate the Beatles? They made loads of music, a wide variety.. I stand by my word that there is at least 1 Beatles song you (or anyone) will like. If you don’t like them.. you haven’t found that sound/song that is in-tune with you.. but I’m sure it exists within their music catalogue.

Anyway, in truth.. I think John Lennon was an arrogant man and, according to how his first marriage ended – self-centered to the point of cruelty/disregard for those outside himself. People now see him as a symbol of peace or something..how did that happen? Marketing! I think he was just garnering attention and riding a wave of what was cool at the time… just as many companies like say.. Shell are riding the Green Wave of our time. I would go so far as to say 85% of those marketing ‘Green this’ and  ‘Green that’ don’t give a rat’s ass about your future or the future of the planet.. they just want you cash and found a new way to collect more of it ‘oh this such and such costs double because it’s good for the enviroment’ … riiigghhhtt. You know what else is good for the environment? Calming down on the consumption front.

What I really wanted to write about was this; I think there are many people in the world who did more and continue to do more than John Lennon. Where are their commerative plates? Inspired art? Collector’s.. whatever ? Do they even know that they have fans?  .. not unless you tell them.

The superior product is never the most widely recognized.

Anyway, it’s all relative. Everything. I’m just thinking about this stuff after hearing a friend of a friend passed away. I only met the guy once but I really did think he was a good person. Wonderfully warm vibes emanating from him. I’ll say it – I’d rather remember him. I’d rather attend his funeral/memorial than John Lennon’s .. or even Paul Simon’s (and you know how I love Paul Simon). Because, although I like the image Paul Simon projects.. I’ve never met. That’s not to say I don’t care it’s just a sort of.. prioritization. Localization? I can’t go on and on about missing the lad, Scott, afterall I only met him once. But then that begs the question, how well do you have to know someone to care? Where is the line?   Anyway, too many questions.. no answers to be found here. My sympathies go out to my friend (who introduced me to such wonderful people) as well as the man’s partner.

A terrible fact about me; I avoid a great many things. I’m not above buying a ticket out of town to avoid things.. I haven’t gotten to the point of tax evasion yet..but, here’s what I mean: I have never been to a funeral for a person I knew. That’s not to say no one around me has died.. I just, didn’t go. Some, I had valid reasons.. one or two.. the reason (though I didn’t say it) was.. I just didn’t want to go.

Yes, it’s escapism at it’s best. Denying reality… I do it daily, if you know me you know that. How better to survive this life? I don’t want to see that person who made me laugh, or I spoke to about this.. or I was friends with for years upon years, or who took care of me when I was 6.. I don’t want to see them in a different light from how I remember them.

Going back to how I said Lennon was self-centered to the point of.. cruelty? You may think – but Yolanda, how are you different? I didn’t say I was. Ever notice how the most arrogant people tend to be surrounded by yes-men?

To circle back.. so, I hope you can understand the meaning when I say I would rather attend this funeral than some event… because it means something. Perhaps I learned something.. guilted over past regrets.. or perhaps I’m trying to make trips down to earth more regularly from my little cloud dwelling (which is currently hovering in a cellar.. ugh).

Bah, I’m getting too heavy into things…

Here is a very rare clip that, up until 5 minutes ago, I didn’t know existed.

John & Paul …Art? *

Off topic: I wish they’d bring back the HUGE cutout heads of nominees hahah that’s bitchin’! I want a giant cardboard cutout of my head.. but you know’d it be some stupid picture of me like the one used on the sleeve of one of an ex’s CD where I blinked and made a stupid ‘ew’ face at the same time… tard.

*oh and about cruelty, who’s stupid idea was it to bring him up to accept the awards?! Those two had a Nasty break up…akwardnessss

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