Re: Tards hurt books

Alright, I have been cooling it on the writing. December tends to bring me down or.. more likely – make me focus on other things besides tapping a keyboard.

Side note – I rediscovered Guitar Hero on Thursday. It was funnntastic!! I still suck but, I’m better than my friend. So, I left my PS2 at her house so she can practice and the next time our schedules allow – we shall conquer another level. Playing at the meager medium level I can only dream of Expert..

Why did I write this post?
Ohhhh I remember now.

Shitty news page … wait a ..AH! jeslkj;a.. it’s Winnipeg! Don’t read that, it’s from Manitoba. … the have news? Since when..

40 books destroyed, Harvard Library

Wow, wait-a-show how forward thinking and evolved you are NOT. Definitely two thumbs down on who thought this was a good idea. One would think that someone who managed to get into a University could appreciate books – one would be wrong.

You know what the really great thing about books is? They are passive. They don’t walk up to you and start yelling in your face ‘Listen to me! I wanna tell you a story and it goes like this!’I do that. Books are all cool and like ‘I’m here. And, you know.. if you wanna look me up sometime, I’m cool with that. If not.. I’ll just sit here.. I won’t take it personally.. I won’t get upset.’

It’s just that simple. No one’s forcing you to read about Lesbian/Gay .. whatever – UNLESS you signed up for Gender Studies. In which case – that’s your own stupid fault, don’t blame the books dumbass! Who even does that? Gender Studies? Like.. oh .. I’m a gender.. I think I’ll study it because I’m so narcissistic…

Yes, that is exactly what Gender Studies is about. I should totally be a career counselor –  note . to . self.

“And we’ll all float on alright, already..”

I have that song, Float On by Modest Mouse in my head and it won’t leave me alone..

So, instead of listing all the shitty books in my life that I’ve wasted hours of MY time reading.. which I will never get back (btw, was The Feminine Mystique one of the titles that got pooched in this stupidity? Cause.. I gotta say, that book really sucked. As ifffff it’s credited for starting the Feminist Movement in the 60s.. it was totally the drugs, had to be.) I’d like to say:

The next time a book pisses you off (please excuse pun) just close it and put it down.

Hell, if you get enough of them you can create your own coffee table. Seriously, old textbooks.. crappy books (especially hard cover) make sturdy legs and depending on the pages.. you only need like 6 books per corner to hold up a slab of something.. wood, maybe? And tada! You can thank me for your beautiful coffee table. 🙂

And someday, when you grow up and have real furniture (oh how we all dream) those books.. may still be good for something.. like pressing flowers.

Books are really great. I love them. Even the jerk ones. You know what I do to destroy books? I make them into sort of treasure chests. I hollow them out. Don’t worrry.. before you start to cry over your Wuthering Heights or Dickens – it was a crrraappp ass book about Madonna.. utter crap. You have no idea. And I got it for like 2 dollars. It was enjoyed by someone.. and now, it holds things between the covers. More than it ever did with the.. dumbass pictures and rubbish of ‘dreaming of Madonna’. I made it better. Trust me.

I’d like to finish off with this; Taxi (it’s on youtube in two parts: part 1 and part 2).

In this episode, Jim (space cadet from the 70s driving cabs by night) learns about ‘Dynamic Perfectionism’ and realizes his goal. Go ahead and guess what his goal is..

Yes, this is my favourite episode of Taxi. Taxi wasn’t a spectacular show, but it had its moments. A little trivia for you: the brothers who wrote Taxi went on to create which long airing TV show in 1982?


If you don’t understand what the episode has to do with this blog.. watch til the end. Or if you’re terribly impatient and don’t care.. just listen to the last line Jim says at the end of the episode.  The same is true of books.

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