Music, the subtle escape

Wow, not being able to share links to music right on here is annoying me.

Yea, you have to click the link to get it to open in another window, sorry.

Anyway, not much original today. Quote of the day would have to be ” You can’t outbreed greed.”

haha, it seems simple enough to me, not too many ways you can interpret that.. it is what it is. But I still had to repeat it to someone who tried to start a conv by saying something along the lines of ‘it really cracks me up how there are people with more money than they know what to do with’ …  ? Meaning what? You’re jealous. No.. you go on to sort of say that they don’t deserve it… well, um.. what have you done? What was your great contribution to the world that we can’t live without? What makes you valuable? What puts you at an advantage and makes you deserve more? .. and so on and so forth.

I heheh, of course (it’s just what I do) had to twist the conversation to – you need the rich. They provide you with a sort of material inspiration. Without the ‘haves’ of society would the ‘have-nots’ have any motivation to better their position? Especially in ours where.. even if you are unemployed you will not starve. No wonder ‘developed’ nations sound like ‘milk&honey lands’ to more hard reality nations like.. oh, my old home – China.

If you don’t have a job, you will starve, you will freeze to death on the street.. and no one owes you anything. There is no minimum wage – well, none that is enforced. That’s what makes them competitive. No, it’s not nice. But it is what it is. Just as you are what you are.

So enjoy it.

Myself, I could probably sit around and complain as much as you.. maybe with even more validity haha.. especially when you consider I would make more money on welfare haha. What a funny land this is. One of the worst things you can do to yourself is develop that feeling of entitlement. Because it only grows.. you think you deserve this and that.. and even once you have those – you deserve more. Why? Did you improve.. did you improve something around you… ? What gives you this right? … if you possess this sense of entitlement.. it never really leaves you.

I think we all have it.

.. *sigh* the flaw that is humanity. Our only hope is that same topic – flaws. I hope we are so flawed we fuck up sometime soon and nature puts us back in our place, scrounging around for berries and running from some sort of a predator … yes, I suppose I do dream of being a field mouse hehehe. I’m really fond of berries, as a picture a friend took reminded me today. The most delicious looking, slightly dried (which would only intensify the flavour) magenta coloured berries… mmmm…

One of my favourite Brendan quotes: “You can eat anything, but some things.. can only be eaten once.” So you have to be selective.  … I’d add those berries to my list of things to eat.. I’m not sure if they would be before or after lead paint chips.. hrm…

Enjoy the TingTing’s music.

Or whatever music you’re into… I can only speak for myself but, my records keep me going. I really cherish this modern ability to record and save/collect music. Even listen to archives of sounds.. 1950s…40s…30s.. I even have some clay pressings which I would not recommend spinning on my turntable. It’s an aural goldmine ..  to me. You see, I have no musical abilities: what a lonely, boring life it would be for me if not for my treasury.

Random fact: I’ve always found Indian music interesting (Indian as in from the country of India). I like sitars, tanpuras, lil tabla. Part of the experience of visiting Tibet was taking in a much needed break from the sappy crappy, poorly written (mostly plagiarized) music of ‘modern’ China. Tibet seemed quite happy with it’s mix of Indian, Pakistani, Russian imported tunes. As well as their own local instruments, like our friend the Danyen (three stringed guitar). You would be surprised what they can express with only 3 strings. But then, … does that make the Chinese Erhu 二胡 (literally ‘2 string’) more of an accomplishment?

… oh, let us not forget the Indian Harmonium. (The girl deserves to be paid just for carrying the damn thing around with her)

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