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Alright, so I’ve been lazy lately … I’m from a Catholic background – tis the season. *shrug*

Where to begin, oh, the other day I had an epic dream. It was up there with Homer’s Odyssey.

I don’t know how it began, as dreams are like that, but I was with some friends (a combination of people who are now in different countries but for this fable we were all together in one place) .. at first I think we met up somewhere then ended up on a beach.. or fairground? It was a fictional background but we didn’t pay any attention to it, mostly conversation filled the time.

As the afternoon wound down one of my friends (who of course didn’t take the same appearance as anyone I know in real life) invited us to his house for refreshments. So.. what do we do? We catch a bus, but then we get off at the train station (by this time it is clear to me that we are now in China.. Hefei specifically) and he bought us our tickets and distributed them. We got on the train within 5min of purchase. Because it’s a dream this all seems quite normal.

… One or two cities down the rail Yolanda looks in her beach bag (this woven bag I actually refer to as my beach bag in real life.. which reaffirms my belief we were at a beach earlier in the dream) and finds what was poking her side – a roll of aluminum foil. Seriously.

I took it out of my bag, laughed, then remembered: of course, we didn’t return the vendor’s tinfoil after he let us use it to wrap leftovers (again, this makes total dream sense). So I turn to my friends (there are about 6 of us taking up one set of bench seats on the train.. if you know old econ. class green seats in China you know what I mean) and ask – well, is it silly for me to go back and return the man’s foil? I feel bad, I said I would.. and I forgot.

… You see, I had some doubt in the back of my mind that perhaps it wasn’t the most practical thing to hop off my transportation for a roll of foil. But, my friends said ‘it’s up to you, if you think it’s worth it.’ I wasn’t sure.. but concluded that doing something you promised to do was worth it.

So I got off the train 2 towns away from where we caught the train. This fact didn’t actually sink into my head til I was in a taxi that I had convinced to carry me from this town back to Hefei (in another province) .. of course Yolanda didn’t have enough money for the entire journey (see, who says dreams are all fiction?) so I got dropped of.. on a beach.

Walking through sand (which really slows me down) I realized the folly of getting off the train.. even with my ticket. I couldn’t get back on.. it’s not a city bus, Yolanda. : / But it seemed just like one.. at first …

So I figured – perhaps if I complete my mission quickly I can get back to the train quickly.. trains are a little slow.. maybe I can catch up with it (dream a big dream).

On the beach I came to a place, after passing under a pier, where there were 3 sarongs. I recognized them immediately as belonging to a friend.. and said to myself ‘so that’s what she did with them when she moved to Indonesia. Left them on a beach for someone to find.’ At this point I was only wearing my bikini.. odd I didn’t notice this on the train. And felt it necessary to don a sarong, you know evening will come eventually. I chose the batik with a sort of cat glyph in a white circle – the only dye used was indigo (in real life this is all from some batiks I purchased in DaLi). On I went, shuffling through sand.. trying to run .. but just getting tired. So I went on a road..??

… this part is a bit loopy, I was in my thoughts.. when I finally looked down to see that I had gotten myself on to a … wire grid high above a highway … and the end of that grid was about 4 ft in front of me. A breeze made me connect with the grid on all 4, with my full mortal realization as I was peering down over the edge… at small Asian built automobiles oblivious to the laowai dangling overhead. If the fall from (these wires were insanely high, 15 storeys? more maybe, the cars were the size of pickles) here didn’t finish me their tiny black wheels and metal surely would.

An unshakable truth light up my dim forehead – I’m going to die if I continue this way .. but.. how to..?  So, I went backwards step by step just as I came up. This time paying a little more attention (turns out I actually climbed up stairs, then a ladder, then some crazy wire acrobatics to get up there), it surprised me on the way down what I had passed through unknowingly.

Where does this leave us? One sucky story.. sorry, my dreams are usually a letdown.. should have warned you before.

I was back on the beach. The sun was still shining, though a bit lower on the horizon.. the water still that clear aqua with white curls rolled round the edges. People packing up their things and children.

I looked as far as I could down the beach, I was close to where we started .. but it would be dark shortly after I reached that place. Or, looking at my roll of tinfoil which.. didn’t seem nearly as important as it did on the train.. I could cut my losses now.

I left the tinfoil on the sand, not far from the sarongs (I hope that if there’s any homeless girl looking to wrap herself and/or leftovers, that she wanders the beach just past that pier!).

It was a long walk from the beach to the train station, I got there as the sun was hiding itself and street lamps revealed. Again, reality reared it’s ugly head – you have to purchase another ticket for another train yet you used all your money on a taxi. You also didn’t take your purse with you.. it’s on the train. It was only at this time I looked at my ticket which I had stuffed in my pocket (and yes there was a split second where I asked myself – I have a pocket in my bikini??) to see what our final destination was.

Any guesses?


That means nothing to you. But that made somethings click in my head.. one of them being heheh, care for a geography lesson of China? Take a gander at the location of Hefei, Anhui  and Lanzhou, Gansu. HAHAHAHAHAH.. that trip can take you 2-3 days by train (there is no direct train you have to transfer at a hub – usually, Xian). As luck would have it I ran into an older gentleman I knew in the train station (don’t ask me who.. dreams!). After explaining my situation to him (leaving out the tinfoil thing.. didn’t want him to send me somewhere else you know) he lent me some money.

How the dream ended? Not entirely sure. I spoke to the woman behind the till and asked for the next train to Lanzhou, or if it would be faster for me to transfer once I reached Hefei (I wasn’t even in my ‘home’ city.. so I was really stuck in this beach place). She told me I only had one option if I wanted to leave this evening and sold me that ticket. I asked her to tell me the arrival times of the train my friends were on vs. mine. 7pm vs. 1am

In the end I resigned to this thought – it could have been worse. 5 or 6 hours difference after all that? Meh, yes I’m behind but not irreversibly so.

So, if you can learn one thing from that ridiculous tale it is: no, the answer is NO, tinfoil/aluminum foil is NOT worth it. And please be honest with your friends. If they are chasing a useless dream – tell them, it may save them time.

At least I think that’s the lesson.. let me know if I’m wrong. Could just be something you ate before bed.

Other than that.. not much going on up here. Snow’s on the ground, it’s winter… no news there. Didn’t see the red moon .. while my camera took photos with a red haze, my eye couldn’t decipher the red colour on its own at 1:30am that night.

And, to wrap up this Christmas carol eve, not-themed-around-Christ-at-all post… *drum roll* …. belly dancing IS tricky. Fact. And only time will tell if it causes pelvic arthritis :s.

Night, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Yuletide Greetings, etc.. or just Happy Festiva for the rest of ya!

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