Canada: land of snow & boredom

Well, I had a pile of topics to write about and I’ve been slacking all December so.. what do I do? Forget the pile, because I didn’t write those topics ddoowwn.. leaving me with ‘what did I do today?’

Today I went sledding /tobogganing with an ex. Yep, I figured if there’s anyone who wants to push me down a hill face-first – it’s an ex! It was quite fun, and he actually gave me cookies .. as if you’d give me something after suffering through an afternoon with me BWAHAHAHh….

Yep, then I ate cookies.. and.. yea that was about it.

Not a bad day *shrug*. Kept me off the internet for .. 5 hours? haha

Oh check it out, see I’m part of a club the ‘internet users’ club. yea.. not as badass as like AA or as safe as AAA/CAA… but I dig it.

Canada leads …. the world in hours logged online.

Haha.. in the article they claim they don’t know why. oh it couldn’t be because a lot of us are still on dial up, could it?? I was surprised we are the number one viewers of youtube too (*per capita)? Wow, I mean.. when you consider the large Asian population (including me hahaha) one would think would rival youtube but it wasn’t even mentioned!

What else isn’t news.. oh Twitter isn’t popular – good.

.. yea, that’s.. uh.. that’s all the news this year. If you don’t believe me read for yourself.

hrm.. I’m thinking I need to carry a notepad with me at all times (I used to and it’s a very good idea while inhabiting a country where English is not necessarily .. useful) and alsssooo I’m thinking of making a case for 2010 to be the year of ‘easing our guilt’ .. pfft. Look at this: Will Billy the Kid get his pardon?

Are you serious?? PEOPLE, I’ve said this before ‘posthumous’ = USELESS.

It’s ridiculous to induct people into halls or hand out awards to … or pardon people who are stone cold gone/deceased. Arrghghhhh … what the hell does Billy the Kid care if you pardon him or not at this point? You think you’re going to restore his honor or something? This is ridiculous. Just as it’s ridiculous that my country has to conduct a study to see if they should change the name of the navy back to it’s original name before they changed it to the name it has now!! … or would it be too confusing what with a railroad company and all.. aahhhhh.. shoot me with a stick!

BWAH! What a reeeddiccckkulous world we live in.

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