Velvet Crabs, Worms, births? Gross.

~ 40,000 velvet deaths 😦

~ Punch slow walking people to end their misery sooner.

~ Born just a little to fassst

~ Gross Grrl stuff

40 thousand crabs on a beach, 40 thousand crabs.., pick one up chuck it in the bin.. 39,999 crabs on a beach …

: /  Poor Velvet Crabs. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a ‘velvet crab’ … I’d like to pet them… but they are dead :(.

Courtesy of


Ah! What the hell is.. what?? That’s a ‘velvet crab’? … looks like he has fangs.. and red eyes? Creepy Vampire Crab.

Anyway, my theory? Could it be we’re just starting to see some of the after effects of The Oil Spill? Even if I’m wrong.. I’m sure we’ll see more mass deaths in the near future : (.


On the flip side, I suppose the above story lends credit to this one: Walking speed predicts longevity. Ha, see how much longer than you I’ll live? *Yolanda leaves you in her dust*


And this one, the jury’s out on… yes, 164 km/h is a bit dangerous… but then, death during childbirth appears to be on the rise. I think the deciding factor for me is – where did the speeding in question happen? Though I doubt hwy speed limits in the US allow 160 km/h … it is easier to let slide then say through school zones/streets in town with stop signs and/or lights. : /   Anyway, says here the guy got a ticket within the 10min after arrival when his son was born. I gotta say I was surprised the story came from the US and not one of our own stellar Canadian forces.


And speaking of ‘women’s stuff’  I didn’t know this: Tampocalypse is here. I was never a fan of OB in the first place.. add to the fact I lived in China when toilet paper and soap were not staples in the W.C (washroom) as they are here : / . But buying online? hrm.. ebay? skkeetchh…

Gross grrlies … don’t eat worms : (

If you look below one of the comments starts with the usual advice of eat properly. Well, actually the typical Chinese diet is much better than North American. They eat fresh fruit and vegetables regularly because those things are the cheapest.. along side rice, to purchase. Considering when I come home from China people here say things like ‘are you ill?’ and ask what’s wrong .. yet in China I’m often called fat, plump, large… .. Dear people of North American who have not been to the country of China – I don’t think you have any clue what their idea of ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ is. Because their idea of ‘thin’ or.. waif is largely extinct here.

And while I’m on China.. yes I could bring up the Ice Festival in Harbin.. but no,

I’m going to share this to encourage those who study the language …  News anchor … to study a whole hell of a lot harder hahaha! Go Laowai! 加油外国人!


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