The Crux of the World

Last night/this morning I had a dream… it involved a crocodile (long story, supposedly took place in the Muskoka area.. sister and I went to some old place, flood.. I swam across a river to a covered-pier type thing.. for unknown reasons. [odd note, I didn’t get wet!? Which is good because I was wearing a sweater and jeans, anyone who’s swam in those knows that they ‘gonna bring you down, huh!’ – in the words of Axl Rose]) (oh, and my sister jumped off a bridge into the water AFTER telling me not to because there was a crocodile in the water.. and we of course had the alligator vs. crocodile argument. But once it swam over to my pier I’d have to agree that it was a crocdile.. despite being green it had a broad as opposed to narrow/pointy snout.)

It’s amazing how much information I can cram between parentheses, isn’t it?

And naturally I woke up with this single thought held in my mind:

Subsidies are the root of all developed world problems.

Subsidies and what I’ve decided to call ‘gift money’.

Yep, … no idea of the connection but.. that is what I had the urge to write today.. and I would have written a few hours ago but I got caught up talking about life insurance (did you know that you can over-fund your policy, banking interest [which tends to be higher than GICs on offer from banks][also I learned a new abbrv. : GIA today] and when you cash out your policy you can, if you’re nimble collect the interest on your additional payments as well as the face value – tax free? Very interesting… not to mention ‘loan possibilities towards the end of your life, issued from institution holding policy using your accum benefit as collateral.. I’m beginning to wonder if recommending all new parents to take out life insurance on their children around age 6-7 is such a bad idea?)

uh where was I?



and ‘gift monies’ an ambiguous term I’m using here for all cash, cheques, monetary whatsits handed out by people who’s money, cash, cheques, etc – it was NOT to give.

Of course you know I’m taking aim at that scapegoat of scapegoats government, but not ONLY them. ‘Gift money’ is all encompassing because it is just that a ‘gift’.

Now you’re thinking (if you’re playing devils advocate or trolling): so Yolanda, that is to say you are against all gift-giving? You heartless stingy bitch.


no wait.. you can give me gifts but .. argh, you’re taking me a little too literally. I don’t mean the 10 dollars the tooth fairy left you when you had both your front teeth knocked out.. when you were 20. Nor am I talking about the 20 dollars Grandma gave you in a scraggly Christmas card she wrote to you two winter’s ago… that just arrived today.. posthumously.

I’m talking unfair advantages.. and disadvantages?

Let’s look at systems…

we have systems to take care of disasters, financial, pysical, earthly hardships … we have things like fences, deeds, a thing termed ‘ownership’ and ‘onus’.. we have insurance for anything you can think of (a huge business that will never die). We have taxes which bleed the general public for the benefit of the few.. whilst continually selling the public on higher pay (raising taxes) by saying there’s a need.

What need?

What need is there above the people who are working to make a living?

A flashpoint for me is seeing this:

Hold up. You’re giving people houses for free. How does that make sense? People who are following along.. this may count as ‘gift money’ but no.. I’m going upstream a little more to .. where is the cash flow making this happen coming from?

… more often than not materials are donated by local hardware stores (but wait, think again.. I worked for one such store and it was not a Canadian one.. it was a franchise/branch open in Canada but it is essentially an American company).

So, you’ve got volunteers (free labour) and low/at cost/or totally donated materials (free materials) and the organization that organizes this – is always asking for donations and holding fundraisers to keep this cycle ongoing. At no cost to them – costs to you.. the generous public who .. essentially do not benefit from this at all. Becaaausee, if you needed a house you would not have enough to give to this program now would you? And the fact that you have enough money left over from your own life to give shows that you are a responsible person who is more than capable of managing your own affairs and family and providing for such things. You also probably have safety nets in place for you, your home, and loved ones.

The type of person these sorts of things are set up for.. are not you.

I’m sorry… I am aware that a small percentage of people have an unlucky streak and bad things do happen to good people. BUT BUTTTT

Good people have friends. People who are in a bad spot purely by luck have people who care about them. People who made a calculated risk but calculate wrong.. accepted that risk when they took it- they knew. And the were probably prepared somewhere in the back of their mind.. and they are not going to give up.. they worked their way up to wherever.. and they will do it again.

My point here is that, now it is the fashion to throw money at people who made bad decisions. People who are not independant. The unmotivated and uncontributing (noncontributing, if you like) to society types.. we all know they exists. You can be as idealistic about the human race as you like but as in every race… there are losers.

I’m not claiming to be a winner.. and if you know me hahah you know I’m far from the lead.

But my point is.. humans are fucking themselves over. Because they like to play ‘God’ they like to tinker with nature.

Survival of the fittest is the way it is. It is a an undisputable fact. And why would you want to dispute it??? Shouldn’t we aim to improve, to better ourselves every day? in every way.. every generation??

*side note.. wtf dictionary is wordpress using? Your red underlining is pissing me off! ‘undisputable’ is a word and Random House agrees with me.. randomly of course. Who gives a dictionary that name ? ‘Random House says it’s okay so.. ‘ haha.. argh! Get lost spell check.. you’re bringing me down!*

Anyone who I could call a ‘good parent’ wants above all – their children’s life to be better than their own.

Now, reality check. Is that what you see around you? Can you honestly tell me that that’s the way we’re headed?!

NO. You can’t. Because we aren’t.

Look at this.. I’m just going to use one quote from Habitat for Humanity’s site (btw, I don’t really have anything against them.. they are Far down the list of organizations I scorn), it’s on the ‘About‘ page if you want to see for yourself.

Barriers to homeownership are reduced by selling Habitat for Humanity homes with:

  • No downpayment

  • No-interest mortgages

  • Payments set at 30% of gross income or less (including principal, property tax and insurances), and

  • Homeowner training and support services

Sounds pretty good, eh? Too bad we can’t all have that..right? Payments ‘set’.. ohh well ladida! Must be nice, if your income changes the price of your house changes.. that’s realworld.. rriigght.

What do most people have to go through to own a house? We have to have a bank account/line of credit to be judged on for one. Then try to get a loan – Ha! And there’s the shopping around, the real estate agents, prices change, interest rates change, possible interviews with neighbours (in ritzy places I hear)… it’s a huge hassle.

A huge investment that usually takes your life to pay off. And many of us will never be homeowners.. I myself have resigned to that fact. Looking at my current status.. all things considered (especially that whole settling in one town for more than 1-4 years) it will never happen. And that’s fine, because ‘it takes all types’ as they say.. the world wasn’t meant to hold only one kind of kangaroo/cat/bird/iguana or human.

oh and I want to throw in a Bob Hope quote on banks that I like:

“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it

Bob Hope, though I didn’t care for his act much whilst alive.. is a very quotable man!

Anyway, I’ll just round off this ramble with this: welfare is meant to keep you down.

Disability pay largely (seeing people who drive around and walk into the store and well.. they’re like metis.. what’s the difference from the rest of us?) is uncalled for. Also, looking back to another article I wrote about since alcoholism counts as a disability doesn’t that mean that.. if you quit drinking you no longer qualify for the cheque and will have to back to working? You tell me the incentive to go back to work.. which probably nets you less than your disability.

I can think of a few able bodied people (one with lesser mental capacity true, but physically able) who have several advantages over myself. And they always will. Because they are disabled. So, one can have her single apt rent covered.. and a cheque ever 2 weeks .. and and medicine delivered to her door free. While, I can’t afford to move out.. or pay for much medicine ha.. I’ll skip the trips to the dentist and just brush more often. Funny how the government doesn’t cover eye health eh? That’s always made me wonder… how good is your workforce if they can’t see or afford $300+ glasses? A person who can’t read without holding a paper 2inches from their nose may have a tough time finding work. But people who are on welfare have dental and vision health covered.

… that has never made sense to me since I’ve heard it.

The fact is, at this point.. there is no incentive to work hard. Where does it get you? It used to get you ahead, provide a better life for you and your family. More opportunity. Nowadays, if you’re ahead.. you don’t qualify for student loans – you make to much money. You don’t get any breaks on purchases.. and your tax money is going to those who aren’t working.

And to get a taxbreak you donate money to a charity … which really, just erodes the job market more. A lot of charities provide services which have a paid/private counterpart. And people wonder why it’s more expensive? Because they have labour costs. Volunteers also skew things.. keep that in mind. Yes, it is good to do.. and I do volunteer on occasion but.. be selective of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Last tale, a man in this area is asking for money to go to Haiti to help rebuild for a week or two. Essentially it’s what would be called a ‘working holiday’. The man said he at first was planning on going golfing in the Southern US.. but thinks that this would be a better use of his time. So, in order for him to join the relief effort he needs (I forget) 10,000 dollars to go to Dominican Republic (where the volunteers stay..?) and that money will cover his costs for a week (I forget if it was 1 week or two). This man is not a destitute, homeless man, or minimum wage worker who decided this was his calling. This is a member of the police force.

Who will step up to give this man money to go on holiday? As one person who was viewing this story said first hand ‘should I do that next time I want to go on holiday? Ask everyone else for handouts so I can go to Domincan Republic for a week?’

So, to all of you (and I know a lot of people who have never been on holiday) who can’t afford a holiday – do like him! Ask for handouts, why not.. if a man who’s been on the police force for 10 (or was it 12? I forget .. I tried looking up the story for you but it didn’t come up on Barrie News site) can garner cash from bleeding hearts to go South in winter … I think your cause is more than justified.

Oh and Walmart’s business model and US agriculture subsidies.. I haven’t forgotten you.. I just don’t have time. You’re massive. Massive leeches that will kill your host(s) (including Canada) soon enough.

I leave you now with last night’s news .. hah.. I just.. I can’t help it.. ‘snowplow rampage’ .. it just makes me laugh. Because, I’ve been tempted. Haven’t you? In that sort of Grand Theft Auto way.. at first I thought it was one of the big yellow municipal ones – now THOSE things can’t be stopped. But once I saw it’s just a truck with a shovel front. … I started to question the death.

After watching this video… I hope his immediate family doesn’t see this but… the guy had to have been an idiot. Why the hell would you get out of your car? Look, 2 others are interviewed.. they were shaken but fine – BECAUSE THEY STAYED IN THEIR CAR.

Another viewer of the news: ‘he was just trying to be a hero but.. sometimes heroes don’t live long.’ There’s a fine line between courage and stupid (and a only ‘u’ in common) (I never noticed that before.. the only thing courage and stupid have in common is ‘U’ ha!)


sorry I can’t embed the video.. due to lack of technical skills.

The story starts at timecode 00:52.

“half a dozen shots rung out” … you already said the guy had no shoes and jumped in the plow to drive around .. heh for 2 hours. The guy had nothing to lose. He didn’t have a motive. He was having a thrill or.. maybe paranoid.. but he was unarmed.  Why didn’t they just shoot the tires?? There are only 4 of those. You only really need to hit two. And another point someone made was ‘wait, they’re cops.. where do they practice their shooting that they had him surrounded and it still took them 6 shots?? That’s dangerous to the public’

Yes, cops are dangerous to the public.

.. then they go on to a story about how life changes for the family.. it matters not if you’re a cop, farmer, pilot, or garbage collector – all people mourn. For those of you who don’t know: there is no news around here.. if you watch that video.. that’s proof enough.

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