at $27 mil it’s a steal!

Hey Hey! It’s not all doom and gloom… guess what, I’ve been thinking!

And I came up with a good and efficient solution to at least one problem. Housing:

Original Article

Yes! With regards to my previous post, I’ve come up with a solution. It struck me as I was separating salt packets from pepper packets (a sort of spice apartheid, I know) and I thought.. what separates the rich from the poor? Marble and chandeliers.

and pursuit of equestrian sports. .. but.. I have no answer for that one at the moment.

And I remembered reading this little scrap about the Lau’s home up for grabs. Sounds quite nice.. though I think it’s more than one woman can clean (or 6 men.. I’m not being sexist just realistic). This chain of thought led me to.. how many people could peacefully, happily coexist in such a space? hrm..

22,935 sq.ft (650 sq.m)  of “livable space”

+17,645 sq. foot (500sq.m) garage

that’s like   40,500 sq.ft (1,146 sq.m) !

I’ll leave the figuring out of sq.ft per person to you but.. I’m pretty sure it would put a dent in ‘being homeless’ in Toronto.

Now, you’re thinking.. but wait.. people want their own homes.

Cry me a river, see, this works two-fold. Remember when you were in college/uni and you had to split things with your roommates/flatmates? Yea, it sucked. BUT everything got done. Because at least one person would boss the others around.. and yea there’s always a few duurrty ones in the crowd but there are always squeaky clean ones too.. and together they anger each other into action. Or.. survival of the fittest. *shrug* either way, it works.

13 washrooms – sufficient.. may have to enforce a time limit on some people… oh and rationing of toilet paper.. I hate people who waste paper.

Health and Fitness:   an indoor pool and indoor tennis court should keep people active! Think of how much more good they could do if they felt good about themselves, inside and out!

The only thing that’s missing is a spiritual foundation…

NO, I’m not saying we invite Catholics argghh.. Christians (who are like the barracudas of the religious world.. they bite and never let go! so annoying) nor Krishnas .. they’re dirty. I like people who mop floors.. like.. you know, clean up after yourself.. don’t tell me it’s disrupting the peace and flow.. your grit under my toes upsets my peace and floor.. foot.. flow.. whatever.

More numbers for you, a quick (very quick.. I just did one search) for an estimate of how much the city currently spends addressing the  ‘homelessness’ problem:

from Toronto’s website “Toronto has been allocated $37.59 million to cover April 1, 2009 through to March 31, 2011.”

… and you can buy all the above for only 27 million! HA! One time purchase.. and you’ll just have to cover the property taxes: $115,341. I suggest creating membership programs for some of the facilities.


Oh look, an article on curbing urban sprawl (good’s more of an afterthought at this point isn’t it?). My plan also works alongside this.. Bridal Path isn’t sitting out on the edge of King County or something.. it’s not downtown either, but then a change of scenery might do these people some good? Help them get back on their feet you know.. rub elbows with their well-to-do neighbours.


It’s a flawless plan I tell you.

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