and yet, I still can’t paint my nails

Well, writing off a week as fully and completely unproductive is  in its own away.. productive.

Successful if only from an objective point of view (My point of view). (.. like there was another on this blog??)

This week I managed to get lost more than I have in.. a good 2 years.. and eaten less than I have in probably a month.. whta else. Oh, I’ve managed to be very antisocial in a land where I know the ‘official’ language.. that’s a slight accomplishment. Especially if you know how much I talk…



yea, not much to show for $27 but… I’d do again.

I have discovered one thing; that being that perhaps the fun in traveling for me isn’t in the traveling so much as staying aspect.


How does one leave their rut if it becomes comfortable?


Do send me the answer if you know.

Til then, I’ll keep trying to paint my nails in some pleasing manner… and failing (usually due to the fact that I can’t sit still long enough for it to dry) .. and trying again…

…is it a statement about me? yes, most probably.

The blind lead the blind, because people look to like souls for guidance. How does that help? Do we do this to avoid ever finding the answer we need?

Thereby perpetuating our drifting… is it a choice made or choice given.

Jelly beans.

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I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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