‘El Cheapo’

Yea, I’ve been quieter than usual lately.

.. rack it up to being busy. Busy in mind and a bit in body. Spirit – mostly inactive/dead.

For a cheap person I’ve been splashing a bit of cash around lately.. I guess it’s to trounce those winter blues. In place of physical activity outdoors.. I’m turning to shopping. This is not a good thing. : / (thought I netted a lot of Jell-O today which made me REALLY happy.. odd, I haven’t had the stuff in years).

On the flip side I have more than one workplace calling me in at random. Annoying but, as long as they pay me – fine (oh and I bought pudding too.. forgot to mention that).

I was just reading about Canada’s big heart..[evacuating citizens from Cairo]  and was amused at what it says right there, in black and white for everyone to see: “Those who choose to leave on government-chartered planes will be expected to reimburse the government for the cost of the flight, Cannon said, and must arrange their own transport back to Canada from Europe.”


Hey, remember that country that you were born in or immigrated to? You pay taxes (in theory) and more money than necessary for your passport (*see bottom of this blog for snippet), the highest price for goods made in North America and what do you get in return??

Absolutely nothing.

That’s right, your country is: 1. slow acting (at anything and everything, call us the snow tortoises)

2. a rip-off (did you know you have to pay a stranger $50 to sign that you are who you say you are when you renew your passport abroad-even if it’s still valid?! Yep, in lieu of guarantor “PPT132“)

3. uncaring. Does anyone remember far back to May 2009 when the great H1N1 fearfest was enthralling the world? I do. And I also remember news stories about the Mexican government sending planes to pick up their citizens who had been detained without reason in China. I’ve gone back and read a handful of articles from that time and NONE mention Mexican people having to ‘reimburse the government’ for the flight home. Perhaps it appears in Spanish articles on the subject? I don’t know.

Could it be that Canada is in fact poorer than Mexico?

Depends who’s numbers you look at and what you consider wealth/spending money (here’s an interesting way to digest information, not terribly detailed but visually pleasing).

My personal spin? I don’t think it’s solely a material matter. It comes down to heart, your innards – what fills you. Face facts Canada, Mexico’s got more of that than we do. If we had half the spirit of that country the sun could shine .. wait a second. That’s just it. It goes hand in hand – our country is dull and grey because the weather, on average, is dull and grey (if you mix colour with a lot of white what do you get?). Canada needs to buy an island near the equator. It would really pick this place up.

Til then I guess I’ll just hibernate under my 4 blankets in a basement… thinking.. complaining and hopefully, sometimes providing a little entertainment to my small world. Mostly through stupidity and bad timing but.. it’s nice to see a smile.

Smiles are like those fluorescent bulbs you put plants under to trick them. hrm..if smiles are to be likened to sunbeams would that make lips clouds? Hehehe and further, if every cloud had a silver lining.. does that give every set of lips the potential to be the colour of elephants? heheh.. now to fall asleep picturing everyone I know with elephant lips. What a lovely life I lead…

In case you’re wondering (though I’m sure you’re not) what I would do given the choice of sticking to my previous itinerary in Egypt or hoping on Harper’s airbus to some other place – it’s a no brainer. Yolanda IS el cheapo! And by that incorrect pseudo-Spanish combo of words (which I nabbed from my father) I mean that I don’t spend money on useless things.

What I consider useful and useless is a humongous article which no one wants to read (like the declaration of independence) but I can assure you.. if I went to Egypt it would be on the cheapest ticket I could find (99% sure it would be nonrefundable) and usually once I’ve set a course to do something – I do not stray from it.

So, I’d be dodging shrapnel like everybody else looking for a cheap meal. I’m no tourist, I travel like a local.. even when I stand out like a sore thumb.

* The part of the report I find relevant: “The Passport Office has not analyzed which of its different delivery methods are more desirable. Its costs have been rising and productivity has been falling. It needs to balance issues of cost, service, and security.

The Passport Office charges user fees for passports. In 2003-04, it collected $158 million to fund its operations. In addition, $54 million in consular fees was collected and deposited to the Consolidated Revenue Fund.”

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