Jablon in the joint, Google Tweets, Denis Leary is a leo and China is slow

And now for your daily dose of random:

I made Jell-O, it remains, to me at least, funner to play with than actually to eat it.

OPP AFU? or is that A unnecessary..

Other thoughts:

Egypt is revolting, Google tweets

Slow moving oil in old China

Denis Leary is a leo, who knew?

****** Video: Jablon sleeps with lions (not in that way) *********

I heard a blurb about the OPP and their Asset Forfeiture Unit on ‘A Channel News’ (time code 11:41). I’ve got to do my usual ‘yes, but no’ to the news pitching it as a great way to boost funding.

{Aside, if you watch the news video: seems as if Harper has started to wear glasses on camera to make himself look more intelligent. But it doesn’t matter to me because Ignatieff is a second rate actor playing a lawyer. I hate his eyebrows – see timecode 25:05 and I used to be a Liberal!}

Wait, wait, wait, hold on a minute.

We hear about lack of education funding and programs for children, the poor, pensions.. but.. budgets for security and policing? Hey, does anyone remember that letter, number combo from last year uh.. G20?? I don’t think the police should be holding out their hats for a while. Considering the long suspected alliance with donut shops and other ‘perks’ of the job which may or may not be legal..

Should we really be giving them further incentive to incarcerate people with some monetary value yet, not enough to secure their own legal staff? I don’t know.. this .. doesn’t sit well with me. I’m glad I’m not alone here.

Ever read a book called ‘The Damage Done’ by Warren Fellows? In it he mentions how (this may not, should not be the case today) Thai police had high incentives in place to catch drug smugglers. So much so, that officers were actually planting drugs on people to reel them in to be charged – to collect the bonus.

Other thoughts…

I can’t help but wonder how the crackdown in Tibet would have been different had they had this advantage: Google launches Twitter workaround for Egypt.

Should we be worried when the world’s factory slows? hrm…One thing’s for sure, our gas prices are never going back to the .45 cents a litre we had when I started driving.

On a personal note I discovered (little did I know) I’m a fan of fellow Leo, Denis Leary. Yes, not only is he Irish, related to Conan O’Brien (through marriage) and an August baby… I can recognize his voice just about anywhere.

Early January I was at the family computer, my sister watching TV when I hear this ad for Ford. I turned to T and asked her ‘hey, that’s Denis Leary, isn’t it?’ … she had no idea what I was talking about (this is typical). I tried again ‘you know, the guy who asings Asshole? That was him, I’m sure it was.’

I promptly forgot about it and didn’t bother to look it up.

Today I was stalkily looking through someone else’s photos on fb and saw a great pic of an SUV abusing two parking spots at once. I made a comment about a pickup driver who managed to do that trick to 4 spots at once and stated Denis’ song was probably about him/her.

That got me thinking, wiki thinking. Yep, I was right on all counts (well, I can’t really prove the identity of the driver… but I can work on it).


And finally, man lives with lions in Florida. The guy’s name is Jim Jablon and he’s trying to raise funds for his Wildlife Rehabilitation thingy in Florida. I’d like to state for the record that I do not endorse people playing with lions .. under any circumstance. It’s unfortunate I couldn’t find the footage of his interview on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet. If I do I’ll be sure to link it. It’s great, the male nips his back while speaking in the interview about the hazards of his feline penmates.

I was amused hearing him speak about how relationships change as you get closer and more intimate with something. It no longer respects you but plays rougher with you… no longer sees you as a food provider but as a pal. My question is – being a vulnerable human being … surrounded by toothy, claw-tooting friends.. are you sure you want to sacrifice your ‘respected food supplier’ status?

I’ve seen it to be a mistake many new teachers make. šŸ˜‰

And that’s it for today.. or yesterday now.. as I’m 16 min into a new day.

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  1. aeroreDic says:

    Interestingly written! Astro Boy

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