without a shoe to stand on

Last night I had a dream.

I was invited to Wasaga Beach by two brothers I went to school with. I was confused, because they never invited me anywhere before but thought ‘why not? they’re cool.’ So, we got on a bus (I don’t know why) and in the middle of nowhere (actually it looked more like a Thai jungle than Wasaga woods) they got off the bus. I was going to follow but.. I couldn’t find my shoes. I looked around under the seats .. found some other things, bottle caps, gum.. but no shoes. : / I resigned myself to getting off the bus barefoot but it was too late.. the driver had taken off and refused to stop anywhere besides his next destination.

… the dream sort of drags on from there, yes the brothers did feel bad and later found me further down the road haha – barefoot, of course.

But the funny thing to me is that I woke up wearing one sock.

I went to bed with two.. (which is odd for me anyway, I was so cold I didn’t take them off that night) but woke up with one.

It’s okay now, hehe, almost 24 hours later I found the missing sock. He seems unharmed.

I hope I never lose my shoes in a jungle (even if it is called Wasaga beach) again.

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