one foot after the other

In other news, today I bought stamps. I bought them not out of need, but because I think they are pretty. Is that wrong?

I’m also tempted to go to a bigger post office and buy the same stamp but in a decorative setting.. because I think it would make a pretty bookmark. Am I crazy? Or do other people do this? … now before you answer let me change that to  ‘do other people who are under 45 years old do this?’ … : /  I’m sensing a negatory reply.

Why am I writing about stamps.. what you haven’t seen nor will you? Because I’m enjoying my break. I’ve actually been busy lately – yes I know! Me? hahaha..

Seems I have found my level in Chinese, and am at the point where I have to ask if certain tones/spellings in the text are error or under what circumstance the tone changes of a certain word.. blah blah blah.. nevermind.

Other things, I remembered some psychic advice from 2000 (yea, check it out my memory works?) regarding education. The woman told me to go to a school near water. I did.

OH and I’ve been burning discs. Have you heard of Lightscribe? Sure, it’s not the same as those pressed in factories but I’m pretty impressed. The thought did cross my mind ‘hey, I want to reburn my entire collection on this beautiful new customizable format!’ … Yolanda looked at her 200 odd burn collection. um.. maybe not.

I’m not splitting my mind between 4 books; it’s okay though – only 2 have plots. haha

And I am finding activities to do in the snow – this is a rarity.

Oh last piece of useless info for the day (second last: I’ve now had 3 ‘meals’ of rice pudding in 24 hours… by choice. Wrap your head around that.. ), I had a dream last night that I awoke to find my left earring missing. Of course when I actually woke up it was still there but.. it seemed so real ?

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