I don’t remember when, but I remember because I still have it..

In my first school photo I’m not smiling. I’m looking rather determined and a little frustrated.


Because they put a puzzle in front of me and told me to ‘play with it’, so I did. But, the thing with puzzles is .. you usually have to look at the pieces to assemble it. So I didn’t look up at camera. Then they changed their command to ‘no, don’t play with it’ so I put my hands at my side and sat there unhappily.. cause.. obviously I did something wrong if you won’t let me do the thing I enjoy; play with the puzzle.

Since I was frowning they told me to ‘pretend to play with the puzzle’.. arghgggh how can one pretend? You either do or don’t.. puzzles are demanding she-wolves you know!

So, and I do remember this heheh, I had my hands on the board.. was moving the pieces without looking at them and made up my mind – no smiles for you.

I remember this, just as I remember most things I’ve left unfinished, the things I intend to finish. I really like starting new projects but often wonder – at this point in my life, do I have time to finish everything I’ve started? A recent discovery has found that it is really in my best interest for me to die before 65.. hahaha and if you’ve been speaking to me lately you know I’ve decided the best way to deal with retirement is to be dead! It’s free to me, sure it costs suvivors a lot for a stupid funeral .. I’m sorry guys, just don’t have one. Just wrap me in paper and light my corpse. I’ll go out like a Cuban.

As long as I’m stone cold dead – I promise I won’t care.

Speaking of puzzles!

Evolution of the Puzzle

In a world where everything’s becoming customizable and very user specific to satisfy out growing arrogance as a race…unleash the Jigazo!

Yes, follow those facist archaic puzzle rules (pieces only fit together one way and you MUST make the picture the manufacturer assigned you) no more!

I like this idea, it’s pretty simple really.. you give people a set number of pieces .. with a sort of member of the grey scale printed on it.. and a symbol. People then ‘send in’ (as it says on the site) their own pictures and the company spits out a map for them to follow to realize their photo in grey scale.

So simple, surely it’s been done before but we (I) (I was using the ‘Royal we’ there) haven’t heard or seen the product that preceded this one. If you can name one please share!

Thus we see that no evolution is perfect. Because, I’m sure if you wanted a puzzle of a white horse pulling a white sled in a snowstorm.. you’d need more white pieces than Jigazo can avail you.. maybe you’d have to buy 2 more puzzles at $25 (they’re not available in Canada yet.. so tack on shipping & exchange rate), perhaps you would have enough white pieces combined? I don’t know.

Evolution is not perfect. If it were it’d prove a god’s existence wouldn’t it? And a modern day Thomas Aquaintas would jump all over that.. instead, we have murky theories devised by … Americans.

So, I’m thinking.. heheh.. totally not connected to puzzles, solving, or evolution.. just my own observation and reinforcing the same old thing I always say: people are not perfect. And that’s most probably because they weren’t made to be that way. BUT, if we combine them (liiikee the Jigazo) we could make mass amounts of beautiful things … in greyscale… or sephia.. .. I don’t know, what do you call White, Red, Yellow and Black/Brown? … Human scale? Skin scale? . . ew no, that just sounds.. like flaky skin.

Let’s stick with ‘the Human Scale’.

The Human scale; gradients of being!

The Puzzler

And yes, I did finish the puzzle.

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