Feeding the hungry, starving the poor

I’ve often wondered, if it’s not the rich who give then how long can people give beyond their means? Like, how can you support the weight of others if you have trouble coping with your own.

I don’t have any particular numbers, I’m just going by opinions gathered from people I encounter. For all I know perhaps it is the highest earning 10% who donate the most.. but is it relative to income.. and did they inherit that wealth or accumulate it entirely on their own? .. .how does one measure generosity? Can you scientifically gauge kindness??

Anyway, that’s not actually what the point of this was supposed to be.

The end of cheap food?

Was an article that I ran across, which .. in my mind sprung the fun question ‘what? Where is this cheap food you speak of?’ … oh yes.. in my house.. shhh… don’t tell everyone!

If you take a look at those charts (however accurate they are I don’t know) it seems oil was on the up and up even before this week’s ‘blame Libya, Egypt, Tunsia.. uh..just sandy desert-like places in general’ jubilee.

Here’s a fun bit of advice for any investors out there.. came across this:

It’s a scary thought, but clean water will get a lot scarcer over the next few decades because of pollution and population growth. More people drink more water, of course. They also eat more — which adds to water demand for crops.
Anticipating future scarcity, some money managers invest directly in H2O by purchasing shares of companies like PICO (PICO.O) and Limoneira (LMNR.O) a farming company, for their water rights. But it’s tricky to estimate the value of their water holdings accurately. So a safer way to go would be water-related exchange traded funds (ETFs) like PowerShares Water Resources (PHO) and PowerShares Global Water (PIO), says Steve Hoffmann of TheWaterInvestor.com, who helped create them. These ETFs give you exposure not only to water rights, but also to recycling and desalination, testing and treatment.

Courtesy of MSN again: original site here.
And finally, I’ve actually been trying for weeks to work this on to my blog and here’s a suitable entry.

I highly recommend Food Inc. Interesting and filled with quotables. Expect to hear it mentioned in the future.

oh and.. fyi, if I doooo use any quotes from this film they will be looked up in the transcript, any errors or omissions you find – please point them out before I misquote someone. I hate that.. I have enough words flying around, no need to put them in/out of the wrong mouth.

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