Vision unsteady, seeing white dots?

You must be in the T. Dot.

Wow, you’re telling me we can’t think of anything better to do with $1000 dollars???

I’m sorry, I like art but.. not at the cost of.. well.. people who probably won’t benefit from it. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe they will? Maybe having a big white dot on your roof will increase visibility of your home for a possible helicopter landing pad? Which would lead to possible rentals and guided tours. Hrm.. I guess a business could really take off from this.. pardon the pun.. OH WHO AM I KIDDING? ! FFS,

If you can afford a helicopter you’ve probably already GOT a landing pad. You don’t need to label your rooftop as one.. nor would you find it feasible to pay an engineer (or two) to make your bungalow structurally sound enough to park a whirlybird on it.

Argh, the point is.. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Every freakin day we read shit.. shit about shit.

So and so does this.. so and so did that.. why? To hurt or help humanity.

I’m sure there are lots of homeless New Zealanders who would love to hear about how Canadians are giving away $1000 dollars to people who want to paint dots on roofs.

That benefits not only Torontonians but the entire world…. er.. um..

Wait, isn’t this something you should just fund yourself ??

Who’s idea was this.. hrm… *mumble mumble mumble* ahhh, for once you can’t ‘blame Canada’:

“The Awesome Foundation — a concept that began in Boston and has since expanded to 13 chapters around the world”

Boston?? Boston? Really.

If you feel a rant coming on.. you may be right.

… Yolanda.. keeping.. comments.. to minimum…

Article continues: Avery’s pitch beat out more than 250 wild ideas submitted by hopefuls across the GTA.”

WTF were the other 250 ideas that made THIS ONE look good?!!!? ‘Save the polar bears – boring. Buy a few acres of rainforest – been done. Help stabilize developing countries through micro lending – that’s so 2008.’  W T F ? ARGGHHH…

I’ve got an idea, release the 250 entries to the general public and let people vote on them.. like, ordinary somewhat balanced, not totally ignorant head up their ass, pie in the sky flakes with no concept of reality choose a random useless act to fund.

The Awesome Foundation grant, she says, will pay for the first neighbourhood connect-the-dots puzzle, including the cost of renting a helicopter for aerial photos.

OH! Heads up you people at the start who I mentioned -the ones with the heli-business. You’re in luck! Looks like you’re getting that 1000 dollars for sure! Lucky bastards. Give her a call!

Avery’s biggest challenge is kind of obvious: she will have to convince business and homeowners to let her make a mark on their roofs.

Her strategy is simple. “Ask nicely. It’s worked for me in the past with other strange projects that I’ve done.”

Oh, well, I’m not in the mood to research your previous work but.. if you managed to con……….. vince people to help you before, why not go back and con ……. vince them to give you a thousand whilst using this money to buy Saari in Sudan some goats to start a business? I firmly believe the goat would do more good than any oil based dot 3-4 ft in dia.

Avery’s quintessentially Canadian approach is one of the reasons the Awesome Foundation chose her project.

?????? What .. what?? tf… what? ‘approach’ is that? Getting handouts and pissing the money away on things that do little good and make very little sense considering the amount of greater causes out there. Really, should every one just make it a charity when they want to paint their fence or garage now? You know, I don’t like the colour of my bike. Perhaps I should set up a red bucket a la Sally Ann style and ring a bell til I have enough cash to buy a can of spray paint at Cdn Tire.

The Trustees of Awesome also favoured it for the “huge participation possibility” in the crowd-sourcing of images and local rooftop volunteering. They also felt the project could draw global attention through Google Maps.

Yep, all about making us look good on a world scale. I can just imagine the ‘wow’ eyes on people trekking in the Ural mountains … or herding skinny animals in Pakistan… or searching for any sort of sustenance in the far reaches of.. oh wait. They don’t have computers. And they don’t have internet… so.. oh, right, their Iphone. I forgot.

The whole world must see Canada as the butt of some hilarious global joke.

And now for some Stephanie Avery quotes that I find way to easy to poke fun at:

“What do people use their roof for? Not much, usually. This way they get to be a part of a piece of art.”

It’s SOO true! People don’t need roofs! There that’s something Canadian we export to New Zealand in their time of need. You don’t need a roof! Frivolous roofs. This quote is great because it can be applied to many things like ‘what do people use their ears for? Not much usually.’ ‘what do people use their third toe for? Not much usually.’ Let’s paint dots on ’em, and make human dominos.

“It’s amazing what people will help you with if you just ask.”

Like .. give you a $1000 dollars for a lame idea. Hey, maybe I should do that… and buy some IGT stock on NYSE. Hell, this idea makes video games look terrible productive and beneficial to humans. Think of the coordination enhancement you develop (or well, maybe not ‘you’ or ‘I’ per se, but a lot of gamers) when playing regularly! Fantastic for wannabe fighter jet pilots. And that is a bigger shoe to fit than .. connect the dotters.

in my opinion (like you didn’t know).

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