who’s f-bomb is it anyway?

When did the ‘F word’ become the ‘f-bomb’?

Any language evolution experts out there to explain that… sure f is a fricative but .. it’s not a plosive. 

In addition to my previous entry on one workplace (which I enjoy going to going to I might add) (I said this to my boss who was quick to point out ‘first she calls me a jerk then says she likes working here.. having trouble wrapping my  head around this’).

Anyway, at another office I spent my time wisely by reading ‘Report on Business’ which is fathered by The Globe & Mail. I found an interesting tidbit on the ‘Dear so and so’ page.

In case the copy is unclear (well, actually I’m sure it will be because the pic will upload relatively small) I’ll take the liberty of typing it out here. If you don’t believe me feel free to refer to your own copy of February 2011’s Report on Business page 58.

from Report on Business issue Feb 2011

Dear Corporate Governess
I’ve just hired a talented new manager. Everyone thinks she’s great and she’s brought an exciting new vibe to the office. The thing is, she has quite the potty mouth. No one else seems to mind, but I’m worried that if I don’t nip it in the bud, everyone in the office will start dropping f-bombs. Is swearing something a boss should weigh in on? ~ Lisa, Calgary 

Dear Lisa,
If Cee Lo can score five Grammy nominations for a song called “Fuck You,” surely you can cut this woman some slack for her salty language. In fact, your new hire may have read the 2007 study by Yehuda Baruch and Stuart Jenkins, professors in the United Kingdom, who determined that swearing at work actually encourages teamwork and helps employees cope with stress. The casual utterances of four-letter words among colleagues (a.k.a. “social swearing”) allows co-workers to bond, while “annoyance swearing” (dropping an expletive in the context of doing business) can cut the tension in the office. Of course, there are boundaries to be respected.
Bosses shouldn’t curse people out in an effort to fit in; bad words should not be directed at specific individuals; and swearing in front of clients is a big no-no. As long as your new hire respects those rules, I say she’s a f***ing genius.

…. I did find the study online however, I cannot access it without paying so and so’s journal a fee. And.. well, sorry viewers.. you’re just not worth it. HOWEVER, if YOU do pay to see the pdf .. or whatever format it’s in.. pleeeasee pass it on!


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