Thanks for all the fish

February 25 was George Harrison’s birthday.

I didn’t know that til now… now it is technically February 26th in my timezone but.. whatever.

Time (as measured by clock hands, minutes and seconds.. ) is a human concept. A man-made concoction.. like well.. all concoctions.

Anyway, I don’t like a lot of George Harrison’s music but I liked his vibe. I’m fairly certain that if I had ever met him in person we would not get along… in the way most ‘friends’ do. But he was obviously a ‘live and let live’ kind of person. I like that.

What I’m saying in a roundabout way is that, I like people even if they don’t like me. Maybe, some of them, that’s why I like them.

I can respect the fact that opposites are necessary. And no, I’m not saying I’m the opposite of George Harrison. But, really.. we need opposites to decipher a spectrum. Or at least create some bounds.. and further to break those bounds (when you find exceptions to the rules).

It’s great.

Thank you George Harrison.

Thank you for being anti-pop; a silent and shadowy figure yet making up 25% of perhaps the most influential music group of all time. Thank you for the happy (and some I find catchy despite myself) ‘god’ music (choose your god). And especially thank you for this:

Where you not only flipped to being materalistic (“it’s gonna take money, a whole lotta spending money”) but also gave me a couple of nightmares of this haunted house complete w singing taxidermied heads :S.

When that song came out I really liked it… then I saw the video.. and. yea, since then I can’t help but picture some head nailed to a wall singing ‘set on you’ … … is it meant to be a sort of anti-hunting video? Like, yea you set your sites on them but NOW THEY SET THEIR SIGHT ON YOU!

Oh, fun fact.. I also considered being a taxidermist. FYI to any 10 year old who wants to run that by your father – make sure he’s not driving when you tell him. It may cause him to swerve erratically followed by ‘What did you just say? Who taught you.. do you even know what taxidermy is??’

Yolanda: ‘yes, it’s um.. taking care of animals and making them look pretty.’

Father:  ‘DEAD animals, they are dead.”

Yolanda  ‘Yea, so they don’t move. I know.’

F: ‘NO, they never move.. and you have to first .. uh.. clean them.’

Y: ‘Yes, I know how to give baths’

F: ‘NO.. like. .. more cleaning. Not baths. You know what’s inside of animals?’

Y: ‘ … stuff…?’

F: ‘it’s not a stuffed animal.’

Y: ‘I know!’

F: ‘yea, well taxidermist have to clean .. that.. stuff out to make taxidermy.’

Y: ‘okay, so it’s like making dinner? big deal. I could do it.’

F: ‘No… you don’t know how long the thing has been dead for.’

Y: ‘WHAT???? OLD dead animals?! Who would do such a thing’

F: ‘Well, not everyone runs right over to the taxidermist after their pet dies.. it takes time. You know, they need to think about it.’

Y:  ‘I think I’d have like a 3 hour rule. If your pet’s been dead for..more than.. well.. maybe 4 hours.. .. I can’t help you.’

Yep, the reason I did not pursue taxidermy was: my father told me my clients would smell. Like really bad. That’s all it took.. the promise of smelling rotting stinking animals that died from who knows what surrounding me everyday .. sort of put me off that career path.

But whenever I see a nicely presented stuffed bird or plastic eyeballed bear rug posed as the real deal in a museum … I wonder… would it really smell that bad?

Thank you George Harrison.. the thought of those animals sooner or later coming alive in my home and singing ‘set on you’ with teeth… *shudder* well, that’s something I’m not willing to live with.

There you have it, my thoughts on life and death.. sort of

For those of you who didn’t see the full circle.. let me tie it for you. I like George Harrison’s music in a way similar to how I like death. There are few aspects I really like, the rest I try to avoid. But the main thing – I realize it’s purpose. It is necessary. And that’s what gives it meaning (Death anyway… uh.. I don’t know about GH’s music) (“Here comes the moon the moon the moon the moon the mooOOoooon”).


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