These Time passages

You need not question only perceive,

need not look only receive,

don’t chase – wait.

A very strange thing happened to me this evening/morning when I least expected it.

Stop, hold up.. that’s exactly when strange things tend to happen.

.. so.. does that mean that in a way, but not expecting anything in particular I scheduled it to occur?

Anyway, I often intend to say meaningful things to people who mean a lot to me but the words slip my mind or.. moreover, the nerve of revealing the tender underbelly of Yolanda is too scary.. leaves one open to injury! And hives, bugbites.. rashes.. it’s all bad.

So I tend to keep that stuff covered up.. with cowhide. 🙂 Oh, if anyone knows where to get horse leather let me know. My father swears it’s better.. but in my lifetime I’ve never come across it. His firsthand account (literally) of horsehide superiority was that his parents brought back some horse leather gloves for him yeeaars ago and they were superior in every way to other gloves he’s owned.

Anyway, back to the point – I’ll probably appreciate you more than I could ever utter.

Respect you far more than I will ever demote myself to show.

Care for you more than physical movements could expose

and try to understand you beyond anyone else’s casual grasp of your soul.

But you didn’t hear it from me.

Also, xiexie tianna weile xin pengyou, ta henhao! I owe you… or do you owe me and that’s why this all happened?

Totally off topic note: I’m happy to hear Al Stewart played at work; Time Passages was a nice touch.

The years run too short and the days too fast

The things you lean on are things that don’t last.

Well it’s just now and my line gets cast into these….

Time passages

There’s something back there that you left behind

Time passages

Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight.”


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