multicoloured racism

It’s undeniable.

There’s a new racism in town.

And I feel… it is extremely  ugly.

Yes, I am speaking of none other than colour TV (or other assorted mediums).

I’m sure this argument has existed since the advent of colour picture tubes… but still, I believe this issue should not be laid to rest. Letting ‘colour’ win and write over all past triumphs, taking credit for all the brave and wonderful things B&W did before it. I’m very set in my ways, and this is what makes me love-able.. at least.. I think it is..?

Anyway, this is not about how lovable and cuddly I am – these things are obvious.

I strongly believe there exists a spot for black and white film, tv, footage, etc now and in the future. Yet, it seems (to use a very Chinese expression here) those of the ‘post 90s’ generation lack that respect.

I’m serious here.

The other day someone asked me which tv programs I enjoy. I replied I mostly indulge in reruns, as I do not pay for TV at our house and the few times I encounter current TV it I’m greatly disappointed. So, I have my collection of bought, borrowed, downloaded and youtube/youku links to episodes of bygone shows that feature, above all, writing!

Yes! I believe that shows in the past were well written. I think that TV programming prior to oh.. 1990 was really planned out, thought about and written in a fairly clever way. Sure, there are some who would argue Green Acres and Hogan’s Heroes (which I never liked by the way; it’s amazing you could air a show parodying a large genocide only 20 years after the war ended.. and it aired for 6 years?!)(what the hell?)(what did anyone see in that.. I hated the whole pretense of the thing and the .. argh.. I digress but know this – I do not like Hogan’s Heroes)(and I think that makes me a little more politically correct, don’t you? heheh) were not the most intelligent programming. And, it is doubtful that ZsaZsa was an accurate depiction of your typical Hungarian housewife… but still,

compare ‘reality TV’. I will say in no uncertain terms: ‘reality’ TV is the bane of my existence. Furthermore, I will go so far as to say it is the bane of YOUR existence too.

Please bring back actual writers, of actual shows outside of the ‘the domestic issues glad-I’m-not-them type of show’, ‘self-help shows that feature totally unbalanced individuals, and/or induce hypochondriac and/or mental issues in viewers’, ‘vampires are sexy weekly’, or ‘game shows that are akin to gambling on a slot machine but people act like it takes skill’. …. oh and news, but I guess that’s like fiber, you need a bit of it.

Oh, have you heard this news:

“Fox News will not be moving into Canada after all! The reason: Canadian regulators announced last week they would reject efforts …to repeal a law that forbids lying on broadcast news.”

Brilliant, I didn’t know about this law. I’ll have to watch newscasts more carefully so we can sue them more often.

Anyway, why now Yolanda? Why write this rant about your feelings of B&W in the year 2011?

Well, to finish up; I answered the person’s question and listed half a dozen shows. The person thought she recognized one name and said an actor’s name (who I’ve never heard of.. must be under age 30?). I countered with the lead and a couple of supporting actors.. most of which are deceased. She said, uh.. no never heard of ’em.

Further, I mentioned the show in question was in black and white. That was the end, a cynical ‘oh’ and it was the same reaction as a snobby guest turning up their nose at your plate full of dog poo (at least, I imagine the reaction is the same, I’ve never served dog poo to a guest… yeeeettt).

THAT, THAT disdain for B&W has got to go! ARGH, it is not some museum piece. It is not extinct, or rather – the art encapsulated in black and white is not. There are plenty of masterpieces painted on monochromatic palettes! And no, I am not suggesting we recast, redirect, and reissue these things with CG fx! NO, just enjoy them as they are, as they were intended to be.

But they’re not in a museum, they’re still around lying in bins, discount racks or (worse I think because it keeps them locked up for viewing of the few) overpriced on ebay.  Have you seen how much they want for Season 1 DVDs of Zorro with Guy Williams (who I love by the way)!? He was the paradigmatic embodiment of Zorro, despite the fact he was of Italian descent. More spaghetti westerns anyone?

Don Diego Vega aka Zorro; isn't he handsome?

Photo found on this dismal site.

* I had at first used ‘examplary embodiment of Zorro’ but did a Thesaurus run after seeing that ‘examplary’ is an obsolete name for a Hooker?? Who knew?! And I would never call Guy Williams a ‘Hooker’!

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