last night

I had a dream, imagine that.

This time I .. think (I’m not sure) I spoke Chinese the entire dream. I know I spoke Chinese when I was trying to top up my cell phone .. ha.. because I’ve never had a cell in an English speaking country. I also recall finishing a bottle of red wine to myself, and a couple glasses of something lighter.. white or sparkling? OH, it must have been sparkling because I had a conversation about Champagne vs. sparkling with someone before I woke up. And that was in English, so.. I guess the whole dream wasn’t in Chinese…

So, is Yolanda reliving the past, missing the past… hrm.. or just immersing herself in her language studies after dark… not sure.

Perhaps some ‘soothing botanicals’ would help my thought process…

About yolandalenin

I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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