Livin’ in the Past

Wow, the past few days have been a lump of inactivity. It always takes someone near to me to really show me ‘Yolanda, you’re doing nothing, you know it.. get off your ass now.’
🙂 I don’t tend to thank them but.. here’s your thank you now. Enjoy it while you can.
This post is about living in the Past. Yes I mean to capitalize the word. Because it is just a name.. it’s not a real noun.. it’s something we pretend is real. I’m not dismissing everything outside of the present as ‘fiction’ but.. as the Dalai Lama said the past is like a dream – it exists in our minds.. our memories. And we should all know (now we can see thanks to cameras and video surveillance) that our memories get distorted. More often than not we improve things when we look back in a warm fuzzy retrospective.

My advice: get over it, nothing is as good as it is now. Yea, it might seem like shit at the moment if you’re unhappy but think about it.. if you’ve done like most people.. you’ve got better. I think that’s the point of life: take what you’ve got and make it better in any way you can.

Maybe you lost your money.. so what, you got experience? Or your stuff.. or maybe the crisis brought your family closer together. Or, my favourite, when times are tough you find out who your real friends are. And it can be surprising.. who speaks to you & who stops speaking to you. : / But you learn.

I believe (and I’m sure I’m not alone) learning is a lifelong process… I’ll stop learning when I’m dead. Til then, it helps to separate me from the stiffs.

Know what else separates you from the dead? Dreams. Death is sleep without the dreams, so I’ve heard. So, please.. and I mean this.. I’ve looked around lately and seen many people my age who have quit dreaming. Don’t quit.

You can quit smoking (though I’m more of a ‘cutting down’ advocate than all out giving up the simple pleasures), you can quit your job.. you can quit your previous engagements, give up an endeavour that isn’t working out as planned (if it doesn’t look like it will ever repay your hardwork). But never ever ever give up on YOUR dreams.. whatever they are.

“lose your dreams and you will lose your life.” – “Ruby Tuesday”, The Rolling Stones

The most listless times of my life were quiet, devoid of music and … when I gave into everyone else telling me ‘you can’t’.

Fuck ’em. Do the impossible every chance you get.

To end, I’d like to repeat something that I’m sure most people have heard me say multiple times.. because I hold it near and dear.

Anything is possible; skateboarding and pool demonstrate that.

Don’t believe me? Look up Rodney Mullen (can you honestly tell me you thought the Casper slide was possible??? – sliding the board on the grip then landing on the wheels). Or on a funnier note, would you believe the nutty professor beat the champion?

Anything’s possible

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