Sometimes life throws you turtles, take’em for a ride

Well, today was a laugh.

I went into it knowing I’m currently running a deficit of $134.68 (deficit sounds so much nicer to me than ‘being in the hole’ or ‘red’ or ‘I owe money’). This saddens me. More so, the fact that .. I’m a complete idiot with numbers. Yes, that’s right.. I managed to make a $500 error over the past month. Good one Yolanda.. 😦

Again, let it be known: Yolanda will only date men who have math skills, at least, better than hers. Could you imagine if I hooked up with another idiot? bejevus!

Anyway, so.. it’s been a total ‘don’t spend a dime’ / ‘pick up pennies on the street’ week. Then, haha.. I got a cheque.. now, I thought I had already got my cheque for taxes. And I was pretty annoyed because as I understood it they owed me more than the cheque issued.. but whatever, I don’t know numbers. So I figured, instead of going in to an office and making an ass of myself by truly demonstrating how clueless I am about numbers, taxes and.. the general use of a calculator. I’d just leave it.

Well, for once someone caught the error and .. seemingly.. righted their wrong.

The result is: Yolanda is no longer in a deficit situation.

hahahahahhahahah.. and that’s what makes me laugh.

It’s like.. if I was thrown overboard on a boat or.. from a plane? into the sea. My crappy swimming/treading water skills failing and I’m about to drown.. with my luck (and weather permitting) a turtle would swim up. Like, a big Galapagos type, century old fella. And say something along the lines of “hey, I was just on my way to a nice beach.. I was wondering if a pretty girl would like to come along?” I, being ever so honest especially on all the wrong occasions would reply “pretty? You think I’m pretty?” … this is how most Yolanda relationships start.. *shakes head*, I know I look like a drowned rat.. yet I take the compliment. The turtle would explain himself with something like “well, for a turtle yea! Hope on back and ride me to the beach!”

And that would be just peachy keen with me. Riding a turtle to the beach.. instead of drowning somewhere in the middle of the ocean with dirty little spikey fish nibbling at my toes, cause you know they do those things!

.. um.. I don’t know what the moral of this story is but.. .. you can comment if you do!

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