ps = Paranoia and Sluts

Saw this on the Toronto Star last week, the caption said it was taken in Washington.

Wow, I hadn’t even heard this one but  …

‘Chanting “We love sluts!” and holding signs like “Jesus loves sluts,” approximately 2,000 protesters marched Saturday around the Boston’s Common as the city officially become the latest to join an international series of protests known as “SlutWalks.” ‘

hahahahahhahahahha…. I’m sure the protest in Boston will set the guy straight or.. bend his sexism? At any rate I don’t see nearly enough pleather, neon tights or plunging necklines girls… try harder. Seems this would have been the perfect event for my ‘elaborate belt’ to make an appearance with my never worn (but often thought about) blue spiral tights… and my black patent leather thigh highs. .. come to think of it; Why wasn’t I invited???

… hrm.. further on my comment that this ‘Slutwalk’ could become an annual event… I realized some might counter that using the same reasoning with why there is a ‘Women’s day’ but no ‘Man’s day’ = everyday is man’s day!    hahahah… if you can’t figure it out.. I’m not going to explain.

.. yea I know, not much of a post tonight.. time for bed! Hope you had a good weekend as I did. Was nice and sunny on this side of the world.

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