The birds and the bees, well, mostly bees

Well, for those of you in nicer climates here’s a dare for you: Tomorrow is Naked Gardening day

Personally the idea seems so full of danger it makes me faint hearted.. I’m not one for sand in my nether regions (ahem beaches) and I like to have every defense I can muster when it comes to insects :S.

Speaking of insects the funny thing is.. my life is actually more ‘bee-friendly’ than most.

Seems cell phones are the latest blame for bees dropping off the earth en masse.

So, you heard it here.. if you are a fan of honey (and really who isn’t? It’s great stuff.. and how about mead? who thought of that.. yea I know Egyptians but still.. pretty good invention.. more useful than pyramids I’d say), STOP killing bees and get a landline!

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