and that’s why I love you.

I meant to write this last night, but the words that inspired me were the last I read because I was falling asleep. It was not due to lack of interest mind you.

“…when I have to choose between a tactical shot or one from the heart I will usually go for the heart.” Jimmy White

Where are memories stored? Most people would say the brain.. or explain how it’s a vast network activated and organized by the hippocampus. But I beg to differ (who would give a hippo a campus anyway?? ridiculous). I would like to say that some memories are kept in the heart.

Yea  yea yea.. throw your facts and science at me all you like, I’ll fight you. You don’t think I can beat science?? I once beat electricity but.. that’s another story. And sometimes Math and I have a truce.. it’s a weird relationship.

I do believe some, very few and very sacred memories are stored in your heart. They are your dearest beliefs, you keep them caged in your chest. A head is such a fragile filing cabinet, it’s easy for papers to get muddles.. pictures go missing.. but safely locked in your heart under layers of flesh and sound – that’s what keeps you here.

That pounding is not just pumping your blood around a circuit allowing you to move about. It echoes the reasons you do. And that’s why your heart is vital (in combination with the whole blood/oxygen thing).

Life is funny, humans try every day to hack down the jungle of mystery that encompasses ‘the unknown’ and ‘inexplicable’. We’ve been doing this for how long? Yet, not all things can be explained fully..and even if there a ‘method’ is decided there’s always that ‘exception to the rule’. I love it.

“To me, that is stretching the limits and is pure.”

Who says there are limits? It’s all a lie. 

“Letting go is a pure discipline, in thought, in sex, in invention, in spirit. In a way, you could say I have a great curiosity to see what will happen.”  Jimmy White

You’ve got to have that. When you lose ‘wonder’ what are you living for? I always want to see what will happen. Thank you for speaking my heart. Or maybe I owe you kudos for putting it there in the first place?

All quotes cited from “Behind the White ball” (All quotes found on page 45 of paperback version)

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