Smoking thins the herd

I don’t really see how this is news… people have known this for a long time.

The Smoking Diet

“By a quirk of nature, a segment of the nicotine molecule also fits into the receptor keyhole and ignites all these weight loss mechanisms.”

Quirk? I think not. This is god’s way of telling us “smoke more! You’re not supposed to live forever.. and stop consuming everything on earth you fat bastards!”  Fact.

I suggest we all follow what nature wants us to do and start smoking. Remember all the great concerts and sports events that used to be sponsored openly by cigarette companies? Come on, you’re lying if you say you don’t miss at least one. And hey, it’s slightly safer than drinking.. you can smoke and drive and what’s going to kill you? A renegade spark falling into the petrol hole you forgot to cap? Well that’s your own stupid fault. Survival of the fittest I say!

You can’t fight nature… she stacked the deck and dealt your hand, she knows everything you’ve got and how to take it away from you. Your cards have been marked all along.

Really your decision is between 2 options: eat what you like and enjoy life. Or, partake in habits (drugs, drink, geocaching, etc) that may have fatal consequences but.. hey, may make you more attractive to those who love ‘livin’ on the edge’ types.

Yep, that’s all there is folks. Two categories. Now tell me which one you belong to, hmm? Oh wait, I forgot the third that is.. the silly people (like me) who belong to one group but really wish they could join the other.. cause it looks like a lot of fun. hehe


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