Pull this Pony Express over

…and make way for the new age.

Dear Canada Post,

the age where you were a truly, absolutely, got-us-consumers-by-the-balls essential service are over. That’s right, I said it. And really, if you knew how much I used to support you and be enchanted by both sending and receiving post.. you’d know that’s harsh.

I’ve been buying novelty items (of varying degrees of sketch) by mail order since I was 12. I’ve delighted in magazine subscriptions even before that (an aunt gave me a subscription to World which I loved and may still have issues kicking around here somewhere). I’ve employed your service to send countless gifts, love letters, foliage, food stuffs, even light bulbs over the years. I’ve depended on you to keep me in touch with lovers and friends, to help me surprise them with reminders that say ‘I’m thinking of you’.

But, I have become increasingly disappointed with your performance, especially in the past 5 years. It seems that your idea of ‘keeping competitive’ is to NOT improve your services, NOT be more courteous to customers (who DO have options: Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL, ICS, … and so on), and worst of all… you UP your prices for all this???

Only a state-run enterprise could expect to survive with such techniques. But guess what, despite your name… not going to happen. This country puts on a mask of socialism when it suits it but that’s all it is – a facade. We are not communists and most of all.. you are just not as important as you seem to think you are. And wtf are you thinking with the wages? Seriously, starting wage $19 in a country where $10 is the law… one would think ‘oh, they must want to keep it competitive and hire only the best?’ WRONG, it’s an obvious fact you hire only the slowest, least efficient and usually.. not very helpful persons you can find. Oh and sometimes, they don’t even speak English.. and I thought the reason I couldn’t work there was because I didn’t speak both of my country’s official languages?

Now, I’m not going to lump aaalll the blame on you Canada Post.. the blame pie should be divvied up amongst you, unions (in general) and the government.

My only issue with this, the only reason I bothered to write about this is.. YOU are currently holding 2 books I ordered hostage you muthafuckers. AND I WANT THEM! ARGH! Also, I have patience but.. when I heard that countries can’t even send to this country .. that made me angry. My thinking was, hey, they can send the item.. the parcel will at least clear customs (which is often the most time consuming part of sending across borders) but then my parcels will be in the clear when this crap is finished.

But no, No. You can’t even do that.. you are hurting Canadian businesses by forcing them to use more costly shipping alternatives. Cause the stuff is going through. And you know what? Afterwards, we probably won’t go back. Screw it, if DHL can do what you do in half the time for 30% more.. I’m not going to bother arguing with your nasty staff again.

So, …

it is not without sorrow I say, farewell Canada Post. You have virtually signed your own death certificate with these antics. Do you honestly think you deserve a raise after this???

And further how many people outside of your clan could possibly agree with that. Sympatico is more an essential service than you. It’s time you woke up and realized.. you better cut us a deal or your dead.

Unfortunately … this ‘lockout’ proves your obstinate nature is not propitious to the realities of the business world. You are antiquated and most likely, deserve extinction.



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