So much for sobriety

Well, uh.. congratulations Russia… for making it very clear that the nuclear arms race just took a breather and will be up to speed soon. Disarming the world? Pfft… who wants that?! (copy of the Russian missile article below)

*********************************** Fallen Officers **********************************

Further, I’d like to call something I foresee.. and it’s pretty easy..
There has been a lot of media attention given to fallen police officers.

Officer dragged 300m then pinned under rolled vehicle. My question – how was he dragged? Was it because he did not release the door of the vehicle.. or did they hold him.. was something caught on the vehicle..

Four years ago .. sentenced now. Though, the guy’s been serving time so it’s just as well… hate it when you serve time and then oh.. at your trial 4 years later you’re find innocent?!
Snow Plow incident from earlier this year.. which I insist was preventable if the guy hadn’t insisted on being a hero…
You get the idea. The media’s been playing up this tearjerker like cops don’t deserve to die.. they should all be immortal because they’re all martyrs. Look, any one of us can die at any time.. big deal. They carry guns, is that because they expect to be safe at all times? Hell, I want to carry a gun at all times.. might end arguments faster. But really.. you know where this is headed – more legislation in favour of police forces. Heavy-handed measures being justified… they’ll just say ‘oh but we’ve had soooo many people die at work.. this is unacceptable.’ I say screw it, police are still far safer than civilians – the ones they’re supposed to ‘protect & serve’ (HA!).
Quick non official comparison (cause I got RCMP not OPP on my quick google search)

Workplace deaths for the province of Ontario, 2010 = 386 (unfortunately I could not find one divided into sectors.. so we should subtract 5 to count for law enforcers). Also worth noting; 6,000 workers are lost every year to various occupational diseases.


A total of 222 officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have died in the line of duty since the 1870s, including  four officers in March 2005, and two Mounties Sask., in July 2006.

There you have it…. hmm…. is being a cop really so unsafe? If you can’t shoot someone you can always taser them, especially if they’re armed with a stapler. You ridiculous idiots.

One last scary thought for the day: Canada is ranked 5th for highest workplace fatalities internationally. Yep, after Korea, Turkey, Mexico, and Portugal (and that was in 2007).

********************************* Greece is the word *********************************

One last thought before I leave you with the Russian Missile article (it’s brief and more here in case the star takes it down).

On the current protests in Greece regarding the government bowing to the clout of EU: I totally agree with the people. It is wrong. It is wrong when a government no longer serves its people. It is time to get a new government. Many countries are in this position but most people in those places aren’t doing a damn thing. I can understand fear is a large factor. But, do you think it will get easier later? The world is becoming a machine more and more.. what is easier.. reversing a cog while an engine is starting.. or once it’s in operation? I’d say once it’s in operation you have to do a lot more damage to stop it. So, dear Greeks: keep up the good work. The fact you still work to express yourselves shows you have more freedom (in heart & mind) than most of this earth.

All to keep the EU from going broke… pfft. If an establishment is crumbling why patch it? Let it die and we can rebuild something better. Look at any ‘developed’ nation.. they’re all in this same spot.. it doesn’t work. Wtf is a bailout? Stealing from taxpayers – that’s what it is! Do you think we’ll ever see a dime of it? No! That was a total ‘I’m a politician.. I’ve got an excuse to give money to my friends (people who sponsored me)’ deal. Bailouts do nothing. Austerity measures = same. You’re just hurting the people who give you the power and money you have in the first place. And expect them to thank you for it.

Let only the nations who can support themselves (not crumble due to imbalances) survive. The rest.. let the cookie crumble as it may. Hell, Russia’s going to blow us up arbitrarily sooner or later.. so, why bother filling in the cracks in the concrete?


Russia successfully tests new nuclear missile
Published On Tue Jun 28 2011


MOSCOW — Russia successfully tested on Tuesday its new Bulava intercontinental missile which Moscow aims to make the cornerstone of its nuclear arsenal over the next decade.

The Defence Ministry said the 12-metre long Bulava, or Mace, fired from a submarine near Russia’s border with Finland, successfully hit its target some 6,000 km away on the peninsula of Kamchatka in Russia’s far east.

“The launch was successful in all respects. The Bulava missile delivered its warhead to the target area in the Kura testing site in the Kamchatka Peninsula region,” spokesman Colonel Igor Konashenkov told Interfax.

The Bulava, which will face four more trials this year before being introduced into service this year or next, had failed half of its previous fourteen trials, calling into question the expensive missile program.

WHAT? where did these ‘misses’ land exactly? So we have a 50/50 chance of being hit by a Russian missile.. anywhere.. at any time? Good to know!

Russia is looking to modernize its rusting armaments, and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised to spend nearly 20 trillion rubles ($710 billion U.S.) over the next 10 years to upgrade the country’s crumbling armed forces.

The launch was carried out on Tuesday from the Yuri Dolgorukiy submarine, a new generation of Borei-class vessels, designed to carry to Bulava missiles, which weigh 36.8 tonnes and can travel a distance of 8,000 km.

One missile can hold six to 10 nuclear warheads, which would deliver an impact of up to 100 times the atomic blast that devastated Hiroshima in 1945.–russia-successfully-tests-new-nuclear-missile

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