Newsflash: too much Salt… is still unhealthy

Yet another ‘pointing out the obvious’ article:

For a long life, skip the salt, have a banana

But… I say, the remedy is not to continue eating as you do now.. and throw a banana on top, like some sort of nutritional chaser. No, we need to make changes. The question is what comes first in our ‘first world, capitalist’ societies : human needs, wants or regulations governing food? What I mean is; if we’re talking about North America and the “North American Diet” … it’s all processed food. Loaded with preservatives. We make everything from mixes, frozen, canned.. nothing is actual food. When’s the last time you made a meal without opening a bag (with ingredients you couldn’t read), a can, or just.. unwrapping it and microwaving?? THAT’S the problem. It doesn’t matter if you eat bananas before and after every meal like that. Our habit of eating fast food, eating out (do you know what’s in your food or where it came from?) at restaurants, and ‘convenience foods’ has gone too far. Obesity shows it, and watching our life expectancies drop is another good indication we’ve passed the ‘good life’.

“Most of that sodium is not related to the salt shaker but it is in foods and especially processed and restaurant foods that we buy and order from restaurants. Consumers, even motivated ones, don’t have as much choice as they could,” Dr. Robert Briss

That harks back to my question before ‘but where does change begin?’ One would think, ‘supply & demand’ so.. if we start demanding healthier foods we’ll get them. Yes but, you’re forgetting how we got to this cul de sac. We got to this point by getting lazy and/or not having enough time. How this happened is.. a huge other issue that I’m not going to tackle right now. But, the fact that we all find hard to face is: WE (you, me, the guy in the window of Subway eating jalapenos, your cousins, children and possibly grandchildren) need to make time to eat properly. We need to prepare our food. This means buying fresh vegetables and fruit. This means carefully cutting them up, peeling… whatever needs to be done to facilitate eating/cooking. This means mixing flour, salt, eggs (actual eggs in shell.. beware of the ones in the box with un-pronounceables printed in the ‘ingredient list’), etc when we bake cakes.

Before you grown and click the button to close this window and get you out of here.. it’s NOT that hard. It’s really not. And THAT is how you live longer.. enjoying what you eat and also.. a bit of the process. I’m not saying we all have to make pasta from scratch (though I want to), but.. WE neeeeeeeed more fruits and vegetables in our diet. That is an indisputable fact. And that is what this article (or the findings in it) are TRYING to tell us.. but we want to take the easy route.. and just say ‘oh a banana.. done.’

*sigh*   We need to relearn the simple things, because.. if you don’t have those in your life (fresh fruit, sunshine, clean water, home cooked meals).. what’s the point?

Dr. Elena Kuklina:

“People who ate a diet high in sodium and low in potassium had a 50 percent increased risk of death from any cause, and about twice the risk of death – or a 200 percent increase – from a heart attack.”

We need … to do both – decrease your sodium intake and increase your potassium intake,” she said.

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