Consumer Whoring…

Alright, I have a few things to share with you.. that you may or may not need.

Let’s start with the most universal: kitchenware, Faaancy kitchenware.

Check out Vacu Vin. Carriers of fine kiwi and banana guards, herb pinchers, “Pop some herb” containers and wine needs (including champagne glasses).

What caught my eye? A sale on Amazon actually.. so, like.. if you’re interested go check that out right now. I’m not buying at the moment.. cause I have a wine carafe. But.. if I needed one for the summer weather this would be it!!

Cutting supplies

Another product you may or may not be familiar with that I think is fantastic: ceramic slicers. Yes, it is ceramic and no you can’t break it (if you use it properly). Check it out! I didn’t know about this, makes me think of bowling balls but.. the no rust bit has me thinking – longevity? hrm..

What’s that? You want more stuff that lasts… with guarantees..hrm, well I’ve got this bike. The company is Danish but the bicycles (I was told) are manufactured in Germany. You can’t really go wrong with German engineering can you?

Speaking of German… oh… people without vaginas may want to turn away now… this is where you get off, Period. Like.. off the Yolanda train, derail or I will not take responsibility for you saying ‘ew grossss’ haha.

We have the German company Lady Cup. Another design brought to you by the ubermensch … uberwomensch? themselves. Produced in the Czech Republic (oh I hear fond memories of Prague dancing my way), I’m willing to go out on a limb here and assume – it’s güd (yea yea.. so the dictionary says ‘gut’ .. come on, güd sounds way better.. way more Germanesque :p). Not to mention, long lasting. If you take care (no bleaching it, leaving in the back window of your car with the windows rolled up on hot days, don’t let your dog play with it..) of the cup they claim it can last up to 15 years.

And finally, a little curtsey to Lunapads. A Canadian company who.. nearly succeed in making the female cycle.. cute? Go figure. Who knew little mushrooms on the underside of your recyclable pad could lesson the cramps? Or that cupcakes printed under your wing liner could make you smile despite being bloated like a dead frog… I’m .. impressed.

Lifespan of these pads? Well, users are pictured getting their fix at the Lunapads HQ despite having 10 year old vetern pads back home.

Proof that I’m not the only consumer whore out there.

There, I’m sorry if it burns your eyes.. but.. sometimes I can’t keep a secret to myself. And, I think these things are all worth sharing. Hopefully one or more can improve an aspect of your life soon.

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