allegiance to the fruit

When you hear the word “China” what trickles into your mind? Rice paddies? Conical hats made of straw? Tea?

How about authentic goods? No? oh.. I wonder why..

Well, if you are shopping in China (mainland not so much in Hong Kong) you should probably be aware of which companies have in fact opened franchises there and which are only limited to Beijing and Shanghai (and HongKong).

Kunming “City of Eternal Spring” and capital of Yunnan province China has another notch to add to its ‘international affairs’ belt: a fake Apple.

There is no Chinese law that says I can’t decorate my shop the way I want to decorate it.”

Oh! Speaking of laws, Chinese laws…

“You cannot believe the Chinese government,” said Lai Changxing.

But wait, you say, ‘that’s a quote about the government not the legal system’ true.. but these further points pulled out of the article should drive it home.

In 2008, when a small number of human rights lawyers stepped forward to offer services to Tibetans who had been charged in riots that erupted just prior to the Olympics, the government threatened the lawyers with suspension or worse.

The U.S. State Department estimated last year that of the 998,000 defendants tried in China in 2009, just 1,200 were acquitted. And more than 70 per cent of those charged didn’t even have lawyers.

“Unless the investigators, prosecutors and judges he will confront dramatically alter their customary practices, Lai will not receive a fair trial by international human rights standards or Canadian criminal justice standards,” Jerome Cohen, an expert in Chinese law at New York University, told Reuters.

While the faux Apple store in Kunming hasn’t corrupted 200 government officials (only 32) (just kidding.. it was 8 haha), people who run to the store demanding their receipt should keep things in perspective.

Oh, what’s that? I hear some out there still whining ‘Yolanda you’re blowing things out of perspective. He brought this on himself! Life in China isn’t always so unfair.’

To which I reply “oh really?”

And so ends this edition of Lobster Tale, join us next week for a swim through the murky waters of Murdoch. Or not.. cause I don’t really care about that.


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