Let me be surprised…

Little known fact, All Dogs Go to Heaven is one of my favourite movies. I say it’s little known because it’s not the kind of thing I (before this post) volunteer so much due to the fact I didn’t appreciate it until I was around 16-17 years old. When it first came out I didn’t like it.. I didn’t like the animation, the characters.. the story didn’t seem wholesome (raised on Disney as I was).

But then as the years go buy and the sun yellows the oh so white pages of what you took to be truth, you open your mind to accepting and appreciating other things.

It may sound trivial but this movie was one of those things I just.. found myself immersed in one day walking into the living room where my sister was colouring or something.. with this VHS on in the background.

Oh but to give it credit, the first time I saw it… it taught me about gambling and the quirk of ‘Tibet’. Yea, it does sound like ‘to bet’ heheh and would be a great place to run llama races or whatever it was Scratchy proposed.

If I had never seen this film.. I doubt I’d have the interest I do in horses.

Anyway, just as every rose has it’s thorn… I did some research one day earlier this year and looked up some stars of this film. To see where they are now and if the character was drawn similarly to them.. etc..

Ok, maybe you knew this but I didn’t. I was shocked to know the little girl was murdered in 1988. That’s horrible. And I read through her long list of previous roles… quite the aspiring actress.

Well, it is 23 years late but.. please take this humble offering as a memorial to you, dear Judith Barsi. I sincerely wish you peace in whatever form.. atoms.. particles.. reincarnated body? you are in now. And thank you very much for your talents which were many.. if only over a short time.

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