Dirty chicken, dirty egg, and the Canadian henhouse

Hot on the heels of another episode of the epic debate: which is better Canada or China? comes this gem

China’s Hall of Shame by Zhang BingJian 

“Last year Zhang hoped to stage a show in Vancouver.

‘A friend was keen to organize a show there because the city is such a haven for corrupt Chinese officials,’ says Zhang.”

Oddly, no one’s taken up that offer in Vancouver yet to house the exhibition. hrm…

So, this begs the question.. which is worse? The country that appears to be manufacturing such individuals.. molding or perhaps driving them to this behaviour?  Or the country that provides refuge from their own peril, allowing them an opulent reward after all their misdeeds?

And for those of you doing the ‘oh but we don’t have 3,000 officials convicted in a single year!’ thing perhaps you should try to scale the information. We also do not have 1.3 billion people.

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