If I could feel

“But that’s the whole tragic point my friends.”

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Well, it’s that time again… time to commemorate a missing soul.

“…and to know once again that what I feel is real.”

Tis the eve of Michael Jackon’s birthday. You can laugh, it may sound a silly thing to celebrate but.. I think, he’s worth it. And yes, I just used the present tense there. He may not be physically with us… but some part of the entity still exists… even if only in our collective mindset.

 “I might lay back for a while.

Tell me what {what} would I do if I could feel?”

Some remember him on the day he died in June, I find that too depressing. I’d rather remember him on a day he probably celebrated too.

 “and to know how it feels to say ‘I like what I see.'”

As a man with a child’s heart, I’m fairly sure he appreciated birthdays longer than most adults do.. when it just becomes an obstacle to your daily routine.

“… and if tears should fall from my eyes, just think of all the wounds they could mend.”

When we count all the years we lost in between the start and finish … or ‘present’. But, that’s not how birthdays started out… no, I can’t think of a child who doesn’t like their birthday. It greatly affects our preferences and personalities… whether you believe in astrology or not. Don’t an overwhelming percentage of people prefer the season unto which they were born over the other 3? Think about yourself; which activities do you enjoy? When do they occur? Why do you like them?

“Just think of all the time I could spend; just being vunerable again…”

So, in a roundabout (and really, is there any other way to speak when you’re me?) way I’m asking you to think back to your childhood. No matter how wonderful or wretched it was, there must have been something good. Find that sparkle if only for a minute or two .. and smile. That is the best way to commemorate Michael Jackson’s birthday.

What would you do if you could feel?

Note: This song is not by Michael Jackson, it’s actually performed by Nipsey Russel. The connection? It is from “The Wiz” a little known film Michael Jackson was in with Diana Ross. It’s cheesy… but I like it.

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