scary kids and psychic depressos

that’s what these days are made of…

Wow, I’ve just.. got to say.. I read a lot of crap a day and.. this is hideous. Heinous? I don’t know but.. I .. first, do YOU trust lawyers? Yea, that’s what I thought.. so when the father says it wasn’t his idea and he tried to persuade the children not to pursue this.. um.. I have my doubts. My guess – she got a pretty good settlement and he’d like some of it back… if only through court fees. Hrm.. wonder if either or all involved were born Scorpios? They are famous for their vengeance.

Kids sue mom over ‘inappropriate’ birthday card, among other things

.. yea.. read that entire thing and tell me if you didn’t end with your jaw agape.. or mouthing the word ‘wow’.

In other news.. hey! I’m a psychic.. I was saying earlier today, facing yet another accusation as I predicted when a phone would ring coworker: ‘want me to help you with the door?’ Me: ‘no you’re on the phone aren’t you?’ coworker: “no..” *ring ring*  hahaha .. she was surprised, I wasn’t.

But this article isn’t saying the ‘mildly’ ( mildly? so people are like sausages now.. how do I become ‘spicy’? Must I move to Latin America or can I do it here?) depressed are psychics (no no that privilege goes to the full blown psychotics, like moi):

Mildly depressed = Mind reader

“Ironically, the study also indicated that this enhanced “mind-reading” skill comes at a cost because the mildly depressed often have profound deficits in their day-to-day social functioning.”

Aww.. there’s always a catch isn’t there?

Well, that’s enough sharing for now, I just saw a link for an article entitled: Older Scrabble players minds can outperform college kids.  Is anyone surprised? I think it takes a few more brain cells to play Scrabble than say.. Beer Pong.

But it’s a very loose title don’t you think? Like…’outperform’ mmm.. I immediately think of.. performances which of course always take place in the boudoir (are my French roots showing too much?), though I suppose the kitchen is also warm and cozy… you know that’s where the ‘hearth’ used to be.. center of warmth in a home.. mmm…. what was the question?

Oh yes, so.. I’m guessing the article is about how grannies who opted for Scrabble over bingo (or in combination with bingo.. god I hate that game) excel at seduction. … isn’t that right? I mean.. they ‘outperform’ ‘college kids’ and what are ‘college kids’ known for? Spring break and beer .. and being generally unproductive. So.. of those three things, I think the hardest to top would be, well actually.. they are pretty unproductive … the elderly …

.. I better just read the article and stop guessing 😉 You can read it too!  Feel free to comment.. and I’ll feel free to not post them hahahah.. just kidding.. I know no one reads this crap.

I almost forgot to add a video (or link to) I find hypnotic.. have you seen it?

Kylie’s Come into my World


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