because it makes me happy

That’s my excuse for doing lots of things but heheh.. I never knew that eating stuff I’ve dropped on the floor made me happier? hahah Read on..


from slide 5 of 5 of “5 Gross things that are actually good for you

Eating food off the floor

Research has led us to understand that it’s healthy to be exposed to a moderate level of bacteria and viruses throughout our childhood. This exposure aids in the development of our young immune systems.

New studies indicate bacteria may also affect our mood by making us happier. In a study involving lung cancer patients, participants were fed the harmless soil bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae, to investigate its effect on their immune systems. The result: the participants also reported feeling happier. Later studies in mice showed their brain serotonin levels rose after a similar exposure.

Maybe playing in the dirt isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Yolanda: Hells no.. nothing wrong with being dirty! heeehehehehhehehhe

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