Is Apple worth half a trillion dollars?

Today I flipped through some financial pages.. as I do at least once a week and I would recommend it to anyone (even if you hate it there is something there that affects you) and I came to this headline: Is Apple worth half a trillion dollars?

Now if you don’t know me well perhaps you don’t know this; I am always questioning the value of things. What is it really worth? What is anything worth? How do we know that? Is it fact or just a belief we hold?

Value and worth are relative words. I can’t think of a single absolute here. The only absolutes are the ones you hold in your mind (absolute belief anyone?), like those of you who argue that the US dollar is the benchmark of world currency. It’s value indicates the value of all others. Does it? Does it really? An economy floundering and only delaying its funeral by passing out taxpayer’s dollars to corporations.. which has no foreseeable growth in our lifetime and a flimsy non-backed (Re: Zeitgeist, US money issues may have started when they stopped backing dollars printed with actual gold held by the treasury) pieces of green and beige paper… you trust that?

I do not. But, admittedly, I do place some value on money because I do not have the resources to produce all my own necessities, such as; food, clean water, shelter, heat, cooking utensils, clothing, footwear, medicine…etc. If I was able to do all those things for myself, source and manufacture them, I doubt I’d be typing to you right now. I’d probably be blissfully sitting in my shelter (I’m guessing a cave with a rug in it) thinking ‘if only I could make a smoke signal big enough for people in China to see … hrm’

I digress, the question posed to us was “is Apple worth half a trillion dollars?” My interpretation of this question varies; on one hand I know they are talking about Apple (AAPL) the tech company with enormous stores of cash and made the news most recently (besides releasing SIRI) for losing its founder. But on the other hand, the name can’t help but make me picture a nice ripe apple mmm.. shining as I look at it, ready to eat.. mmm

That leads me to the question “what is the value of an apple?” If you are responsible for purchasing the groceries for your household you’ll probably say $1.49-$2.60 a lb. But that is the value someone else gave that apple. How much do YOU value it? We always revert to some monetary form to measure value… isn’t there another way?? Something between dollars and an assortment of adjectives? I think there is but I can’t put my finger on it.

Let me get back to the question: I’m not sure. I’m not sure how much a trillion dollars is worth, so I have no reference for half of that amount. And further, I’m not sure that any of that adds up to equal having something delicious to eat. Eating is something that has fallen from our mindset (and I believe that’s the point Disney’s 2007 movie Ratatouille was getting at), it’s a chore .. something you rush to get over with, or avoid all together. Or the other side of the spectrum is just eating continuously without giving a thought to flavour, texture, appearance, aroma… Obesity would be a product of this sort of behaviour. Now is a time of excess.

My answer: I’m not sure. I don’t think any amount of money can replace the loss of a food you want to eat when you want to eat it.

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