Private Ford

When Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pushed to close many Toronto Library locations I found a reason to dislike him. Many people may be gasping at that ‘what about the cuts to public transportation?’ they might start.. well I don’t know much about him or his policies because I don’t live there. But advocating a move that could only result in lower education (that’s what happens when books are unavailable to youth) and more ignorance.. that affects us all.

Today I read something about Rob Ford that I can agree with. The Toronto Star published an article about Mr. Ford not having time to speak to a CBC produced tv show.

That’s right, I said I agree with him. I believe a person’s occupation does not void there right to privacy and personal safety. And in this instance you are filming a man who is disliked by a large number of people.. showing his home and his vehicles.. and coming on his property without permission… He had every right to phone the authorities, just as I or anyone else would. You can chase him around the office all you like – he should be somewhat prepared for that.. but his own home?! That is going too far.

Now back to the more obvious view of Ford, we have some art brought to you by The Torontoist.

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