Take two steps back to move forward?

That’s exactly the theory New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority are putting into place.

And since I’ve read this same report/information on more than once site.. I guess they are serious. Their theory goes like this:

Problem: We have too much garbage in the subway making it ugly and stinky.

Solution: Take away ALL garbage receptacles.

Uh.. does that sound as retarded to you as it does to me?

Really? Good god.. I’m losing my edge!

But seriously.. that’s an interesting backwards theory you’ve got there of like ‘if we don’t build it/have it, they won’t come/bring it.’ But I don’t think real life works like VHS tapes of ‘Field of Dreams’.

Please see article here; I’m totally with the guy speaking on behalf of Toronto’s TTC. Sort of a ‘let’s wait and see … and laugh at them afterwards’ attitude (I may or may not have altered his words).

Last question, for my information… what the hell is a ‘garbage train’?? Like is it one of those incognito sort of names.. where it’s actually the opposite of what you think it would be. Like ‘Haggis’; sounds like throat-clearing or upchuck.. but actually, I find it rather tasty on crackers.

Garbage train: the train with goth chicks who are into .. oh nevermind, who sing “Queer” and “Stupid girl”.. and it’s got at least 2 disco balls per train. Mandatory clunky highheeled combat boots and micro backpacks are the attire to ride this train. …

But seriously, if you want less garbage underground why not go the way of Thailand’s immaculate subway system? They do not permit food or drink on their subway cars and you are asked to dispose of such items before walking onto the platform.

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