Women, Anal beads, skulls & bones! Get it all with Canadian $!

Canadians – smuttier than previously thought

Yes, it seems that was the finding of a recent ‘focus’ group who were forced to view new bills (yet not keep them) for hours on end and report what they saw. This currency Rorschach test featured two specimen: a 50 and 100 dollar note soon to be unleashed on the public by 2013.

What did the participants see?

Anal beads

I’m not even lying! That’s what happens when you legalize marijuana! Go read for yourself …and worse, I don’t see them?! What is going on here.. seems I have a very innocent mind! All I could see was a stupid face on the clock tower of the 100 and yea I’ll agree that it appears Borden has a birthmark or growth on his cheek (see pictures included at bottom of The Star article).

Ohh there’s actually a video here, if you want to see the $100 note in action!

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