Ron Paul & Michael Jackson?

Today I’m going to try not to lecture too much and just pose some questions for you to ponder. ‘You’ being a very vague term referring to any entity that happens to drop by this little rural corner of the web.

I like when people share things with me. Today someone shared a brief video that says a lot about politics. In this instance they are American but.. really it could be anywhere:

<< For those of you who can’t see it for some reason: a man recorded CBS’ poll. Ron Paul was clearly in the lead, garnering 5,000 clicks over minutes. Then the poll results were removed. Finally the poll itself was removed from the site. The man narrating asks ‘why?’ >>

My father said, about two elections ago “I can’t believe this! All this pre-polling, up-to-the-minute poll results, predictions.. who’s in the lead by how much.. it should all be outlawed. They’re interfering with the election. And where do they get their numbers, you know? One channel says he’s winning by 54%, on the other channel it says he has the lead by 62% of the vote. Just let people vote then count and report AFTERWARDS.”

Could it be that our dear sweet little media has motives of its own??

No man [nor woman] is an island” – John Donne

       This got me thinking; has the media outlived its purpose?

Has mass media seen its own death and is now grappling to maintain its former position? Let’s stretch our minds and think back to how media began.. use your own imagination.

      I believe it stems from humanity’s need for connection. We want to know how others think and feel (because everything is relative.. I think). We want to know what constitutes the majority.. and who are the minority. This regulates what is ‘normal’ and acceptable.

     Once you have more than one family, more than one tribe.. more than one county, province, country… you need intermediaries. People or entities whose sole purpose is to transmit information. Someone takes over this duty. The messengers or dispatchers choose which information will be delivered where.. and so it begins.

   Whether benevolently or aggressively, some one must make the choice of which information is important enough to disseminate. And communication is obviously important to human beings, we developed language, songs, written word, print, telegraphs, phonographs, radios, television, satellites, mobile phones, websites, instant messaging … and continue to look for new ways to feel closer.. to connect across any distance. 

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

                                                   ~ Jim Morrison

And now, with 91% of Americans armed with cell phones and 77.3% of Americans using the internet you’d think ‘success!’, right? That’s well over half the country connected to each other and the web.. able to reach one another instantly by voice or text.

But with that success comes another, indivisibly linked – control. In our current situation communication of the majority is controlled by only a few. This is not a new idea, ahem William Randolph Hearst, but it is somewhat of a shadowy figure on set that most of us choose to ignore.

Example: In 2009 Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to be the first twitter account to reach 1 million followers.

If you search on google (the largest search engine on the web today) you will find CNN’s write up about the challenge. However you will not find their report on Ashton Kutcher’s victory. Only a simple tweet.

       History is written by the winners


Ashton Kutcher on reaching 1 million followers before CNN (youtube).

 “We can and will create our media,

              we can and will edit our media,

                        we can and will broadcast our media,

                                we will censor our own media ourselves.”

                           ~ Ashton Kutcher April 16, 2009

“They want to promote an idea they don’t want to promote information” Ron Paul on the media

To see the quote in context watch Ron Paul’s interview “I’m trying to change the course of history” (he says it around 2:14)

What does Michael Jackson have to do with this?

Well I’m glad you asked, I was getting buried under all that political bullshit .. nearly lost myself – which may be their goal ?

Another share I watched this morning was this:

A great video of ‘dub stepping’

I liked this video a lot, thank you for posting it! But I can’t help but interpret it as homage to Michael Jackson. The man who experimented with human mechanics, first with the moonwalk (reverse) and continued toying with slow motion and puppetry moves. Hats off to the lad in this video, at 4:12 he takes MJ’s two toe pose to a new level. Kudos 🙂

How is Yolanda going to wind this two (Ron Paul and MJ) up together? Simple, I’ve walked you through what I see as a fact of human nature: all humans desire, in varying amounts, connection and control. Currently we rely on someone/ some group outside of our own network to give us these things. BUT there are always exceptions to every rule, and I’m at a point in my life where I’m so very happy to know this.

Another video, and maybe you’ll start to see what I see.

Cebu Prison performance

* for more information on the song “they don’t care about us” wiki has a short writeup.

Prison performances are staged you say? Fine

No one forced them: World record in Mexico

A long time favourite of mine: Chinese Middle School Performance

And a random word from the King of Pop himself: a thank you speech to India.

     Actions speak louder than words.

.. and demigods die.

Your homework: to meditate on what ‘world peace’ truly is.

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