Canada has no qi

Qi is an interesting concept. ‘Qi’  sounds just like the English spelling ‘Chi’ as in the English way of saying ‘Tai Chi’ (although that ‘chi’ in Chinese is actually ji .. long story).

But I can say to you, truly, Canada lacks qi.

起 = (起来=get out of bed, raise up) rise, stand

汽 = steam

其 qi = (其他= other, next one after this one)

生气 sheng qi = anger, vitality

神气 sheng qi = impressive

And today I learned another ‘qi’

企 = to look forward to (企望= to hope for)

Canada, today you have truly disappointed me. Sure, I may  have said that before but now I can say I am more ashamed than ever to call myself ‘Canadian’. I have no idea how anyone in this country can look at themselves in the mirror and say that word with any sense of pride.

  Canada Quits Kyoto

This action, or more correctly LACK of action, is appalling.

The Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 and ratified by most major countries except the United States. It committed industrialized nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to below 1990 levels and provided financial help to developing countries to accomplish the task.

    So now, 14 years later we decide to throw in the towel after doing what? FUCK ALL! WE DIDN’T EVEN TRRRRRRRYYYYYY! USELESS. Canada for the FAIL. You’re asking yourself ‘1990 levels’ that must be quite low if we couldn’t do it….Take a look at the chart below.

“The Kyoto Protocol does not represent the path forward for Canada,”

WELL THEN WHAT THE FUCK DOES? WHAT represents Canada’s elusive ‘PATH forward’ ???? TAR? COAL? PAPER MILLS? OIL? Hazy days filled with smog? Are we trying to compete with China? (oh no we can’t because THEY are more concerned about and invested more in their environment – which is smaller than ours).

First of all we outsourced most of our manufacturing to give the appearance of going green with out actually altering our over-consuming, polluting ways. NOW we find it too difficult to even TRY to come through on a promise we made to ourselves, to the world, and our future.

“It’s now clear that Kyoto is not the path forward for a global solution to climate change. If anything, it’s an impediment.” Peter Kent continued

YEAH, that’s what’s been holding us back! OH I can’t wait to see how our mentality changes and our environment-friendliness increases by leaps and bounds now that we’ve broken our promise! ffs

Harper’s Conservative government has opposed an extension of the Kyoto accord to future international agreements, arguing that other large emitting countries in the developing world, such as China and India, should be required to meet targets.

This one just sounds like straight up jealousy. Okay, you know what would happen if you required ‘developing’ nations to revert to 1990s levels? Simple, we’d get our toxic fume belching factories. While those countries topple into chaos and endless social unrest because they no longer have work supplying our Dollar stores, Walmarts and clothing stores.

Kent said that in order to comply with Kyoto, dramatic action would need to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dramatic action? OH NO, that sounds like a CHALLENGE, Canada’s not up to that.. nope ..uh un.. no way.. we’re not doing it.. count us out.. we like to sit here like a useless stick in the mud. In fact, we shouldn’t have even signed it.. hell the US didn’t.. and look how well THEY’RE DOING.

<<In 2008, TransCanada Corporation proposed the 1,661-mile (2,673 km)  pipeline to carry oil from the Athabasca oil sands of Alberta to refineries near Houston, Texas…opponents of the project argued that this route posed an unacceptable risk to the Ogallala Aquifer owing to the possibility of contamination from oil spills. In August 2011, an environmental-impact report by the U.S. State Department found the Sandhills route would be the most economically feasible, and would be unlikely to have significant environmental impacts.  – Ohh was that the same DEPT in charge of inspecting the GULF oil rigs??? Does anyone else remember a little spill in the Gulf?? >> Don’t even get me started on the US…

Harper’s Conservative government repeatedly made it clear it would not be tied to the international commitment made by the previous Liberal government.

OHHH.. Now we’re getting to it. THIS is the real reason we fail isn’t it? You would rather sacrifice the future of your country over some goddamn political feud!? OUTRAGEOUS! Ottawa you rat-infested slum hole.

Leslie said the decision to abandon Kyoto will have “long-term implications” on Canada’s international reputation. “I wonder what international treaty we’re going to back out of next. I can’t imagine anyone will want to come to the table to negotiate with Canada in good faith.”

Our international reputation PFFT! Who cares?!! We don’t.. wtf does the rest of the world care about us. We’re idiots. We deserve our own demise if this is how we treat ourselves. RIDICULOUS!

At the summit in Durban, the Canadian government’s anti-Kyoto Protocol views angered emerging economies.

   No shit. I’m a little perturbed myself.

“Canada, though, cannot do it alone,” he said, noting that this country produces just two per cent of global emissions.   (Kent, again)

Well, considering how many toes you’ve stomped on on the international scale.. we just may have to go it alone. Hope you’ve got a damn good plan. Cause it appears to me so far Canada’s only ‘reduction in green house gases’ has been from stocking our shelves with items produced in those ‘developing nations’ that are polluting so much and we keep telling them to stop that nasty habit. Canada get a life. You preach and preach to others.. all ‘holier than thou’ but really you are one of the worst if not the worst. Right now we are contenders alright .. contenders to be the most ignorant nation on this planet. We’ll give the US a good run for their money. But you know what, last time I was abroad I found American people nice and friendly. Something we ignorant, cocky (because we’re not American), proud (for whatever unsubstantiated reason) “Canadians” no longer are.

Yolanda, applying for refugee status to a country near you .. as long as you are not in North America. Mexico – you’re the best of the bunch, hats off to you.

Canada – 2%, 23.2

Mexico – 2%, 6.4

The first figure is the country’s or region’s emissions as a percentage of the global total. The second figure is the country’s/region’s per-capita emissions, in units of tons of GHG per-capita


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