New Zealand was this year’s clear winner

Today in the News:

– Fuck it, he deserved it

– Boil your water

– New Zealand, clearly wins

“Fuck it, he deserved it!”

Seems P.O.S. means more than Port of Spain or Point of Sale to Justin Trudeau. I’m refreshed to hear a healthy dose of name calling (cause I don’t do enough of it) when name calling is due. And reading, from more than one source, the scene that it arose during – totally understandable.

Boil your water for Longevity

She also believed tap water could be contaminated and insisted on only drinking water that had been boiled.”  Said the 112 year old woman, I wonder if she missed 113 because of someone foolishly slipping an ice cube in her drink. Thanks a lot! (no I know, I read the article.. that wasn’t what got her)

I can see clearly nowin New Zealand

New Zealand 9.5

Finland & Denmark = 9.4


Canada = 8.7


U.S. = 7.1   

Sweden was ranked 4th after Finland and Denmark as least corrupt countries (in the Public Services section) were ranked by Transperancy International. I liked the little blurb for Sweden:

“Sweden’s transparency makes it hard for officials to be corrupt. A recent article by the BBC quoted Swedes as saying, ‘there is a Swedish way of doing things: discuss, agree, do good.’ Citizens can check the expense claims of any public official.” <- Source article Sympatico

Did you know that in 2010 “1 out of 4 people worldwide reported paying a bribe to services providers”? (Page 51 of 2010 Annual Report)

As for Canada they wrote: It’s unclear whether corruption is getting worse, or the public is merely more aware of corruption. But Canada has been slipping lower in global corruption standings for the last five years. Canada is also low on the bribery enforcement rankings.

>> My guess?  .. you already know it; the former AND the latter. Otherwise known as “a little of column A, a little of column B.”

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