Call it what it is: Arbitrary Tax

This stuff is not new. I know that, I’m just… happy? satisfied that it is being focused on… increasingly, it seems. With every development there is an apex to be reached. Now that is not the end all be all of what the society, race, civilization.. etc can reach. No, it is merely a measure in time.. an indication of the right direction, and the slope flanking it indicates poor choice.

I truly believe that Canada, a nation I claim to know rather well, has passed an apex and is NOT nearing a new one. Most definitely not following our current path.

I have long been touting “The Free Market WORKS!” which is my way of saying: STOP tying everything up in red tape to make it ‘better’. You only make it worse. If you want me to get all mythological on your behind let me put it in another way:

A mythical bird that periodically burned itself to death and emerged from the ashes as a new phoenix. According to most stories, the rebirth of the phoenix happened every five hundred years. Only one phoenix lived at a time.

Now, does it say that the phoenix sometimes held on to life past that 500 years and tried to restructure itself? Does it say that the phoenix ‘did alright’ by reducing the amount of feathers it had to make it to the 1,000 year mark? NO NO THAT is NOT how it works! Jesuoiauls ckjrohoialk! Accept nature! People, you cannot control everything, (and thank god or jehovah, Buddha, Allah..whoever that we CANNOT) you cannot change nature. Things are created to be destroyed, everything that lives must die, all that stands will fall and so on and so on. How stupid we are, lauding ourselves as ‘the smartest animal’, and we don’t even know the rules of the game.

So, the next time you think your country, city, business, department store, marriage, house, etc will last forever.. will never change.. or must be ‘bailed out’ at all cost to keep it the same PLEASE think again! The only constant is change. Everything is temporary. Bailing out a failing economy with taxpayer’s precious funds was wrong. Using taxes to do anything besides maintain order and cleanliness (sewers, streets, garbage collection, recycling) is borderline wrong. Why? Because, as a tax payer I have certain expectations: that I can walk the streets/roads where I live safely. Not having to worry about the black death or falling down an open sewer shaft.

I, as a taxpayer do NOT authorize you to hand out my money to businesses YOU deem appropriate, aligned with YOUR needs. And I do not condone you passing a percentage of my taxes to other provinces I’ve never been to and who may or may not take care of my health, education, social needs. It just doesn’t make sense. That’s charity. And charity SHOULDN’T be forced or coerced.

Finally, before I get to the article on ‘Canada’s wealth sharing plan is unconstitutional’ I think we should review a definition.


1. denoting, characteristic of, or relating to a constitution
2. authorized by or subject to a constitution
3. of or inherent in the physical make-up or basic nature of a person or thing: a constitutional weakness
4. beneficial to one’s general physical wellbeing

For this article I would apply the use of #4. Because this and many other federal programs (I’m not getting started on Provincial today.. what a huge kettle of stinky fish) are not “beneficial to one’s general physical wellbeing” if the “ones” involved are Canadians.–canada-s-wealth-sharing-plan-is-unconstitutional-study-says

Canada’s handouts to big businesses put middle class, and by and large our standards of living, out of business. Is anyone surprised? Really is anyone surprised??–tim-harper-ottawa-outsources-the-attack-on-the-middle-class

… if you read the article, nice point U of T about Vale’s resources in Sudbury.

Define “goop”
Okay, if you’re taking hard measures to prevent rider’s deaths.. that’s a good thing. But if you are concocting a deadly mix (that may blind/maim/poison people) that has a much or better chance of killing riders.. hrm… not so good in my book.

Read full story here:–indonesia-s-train-roof-riders-to-get-swatted-with-putrid-goop

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