it doesn’t do much for the future either

Headline: Job Cuts hurt Preservation of Canada’s Past.

So, you thought it was worthwhile to write a store about how Canadian parks are losing funding, therefore losing people, therefore losing our history? Well that’s dumb for two reasons. 1. Go to any lovely home of past articles and ask how many volunteers work there – tons. I don’t know why.. museums especially attract volunteers.. go figure. And 2. I really think we should be worrying a little more about our future. Things aren’t magically going to turn around by themselves. There is no sudden ‘economy karma’ and if there is.. well shit this is it. We had our boom(s?) … here’s your bust (figeratively, not literally) (imagine that, giving busts away hahah).


Like, is this seriously the future?  Ottawa looking to relocate unemployed to other areas. Lose your job, gain a new address?
Somehow I think this .. infringes on basic rights.. choices… freedom, maybe?

Imagine a world 50 years from now where you are told where to go according to your skill set (assuming you have any ‘skills’ at that time). Plastic and paper bags have been banned, so you better be able to afford a box. And be prepared to work til your 80… I’m just guessing retirement will hit that age.. if it still exists : (.

I don’t know about you but.. waking up in an eclipse sounds a little sunnier than that picture. Speaking of eclipse…  May 20th my North American friends. Always remember to protect your eyes when viewing a full eclipse.

Disclosure: I am just as pessimistic as ever. I do now own stocks in eclipses, Canada Parks (though I do pay taxes.. perhaps more than I should), nor do I wish to relocate according to the government’s research indicating the Prairies is where it’s at.

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