Bust a move… or not *shrug*

oh.. my guess is this isn’t going to go well – for either side.

Diane Finley wants more Canadians working at McDonald’s

Think about it, anyone who has had a factory job is less likely to take a crappy customer service job (why should they? They used to make 12, 14, 20 bucks an hour and not have to smile or talk to people). I’m not saying ALL E.I. are from that background but… think of the people you know.
Then there’s the employers; the reason they import people, a lot of the time, is because they will work for less. How many people are there painting, building, cleaning… who lack basic English skills yet are working … do you think they know their rights under the labour law?
The kicker “Finley’s officials say less than 1 per cent of claimants are expected to be ultimately cut off under these rules.”

So what’s the point of this? You make it sound tough, like you’re going to make everyone get out there and find a job… yet.. you’ll keep doling out … : s

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