Canada good fur people, not fur dogs and cats

“Are we morally superior because we are rich enough to throw them away, unused?”– Alan Herscovici, VP The Fur Council of Canada

All of the following quotations/snippets are from this article in the Toronto Star, July 3, 2012.–how-canada-gets-dog-and-cat-fur-from-china

Alan Herscovici, a council executive vice-president, says garments sold in reputable fur stores in Canada carry accurate labels that indicate the type of fur.

Herscovici also argues it is hardly Canada’s place to judge the source of fur.

“Who are we to impose the values of our rich and well-fed societies on developing nations with different customs?” the council asks on its website. “And, of course, we also kill millions of unwanted dogs and cats each year; are we morally superior because we are rich enough to throw them away, unused?”

Cat and dog fur is not being exported as full-length Cruella de Vil Dalmatian coats.

It is typically found on inexpensive garments, like the trim on a jacket, the lining in a pair of children’s boots, the plush exterior of a toy.

[Speaking to one vendor]: When asked if he had ever labeled cat and dog fur as rabbit he confirmed it was common practice, then volunteered: “If the garments don’t sell within six months send me an email and I can send labels that say mink.”

So what’s the answer?

Last November, Brian Masse (NDP, Windsor West) introduced Bill C-349 to amend the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Textile Labeling Act. It calls for products with cat and dog fur to be labeled as such.

[Libby] Davies [NDP] has delivered numerous petitions to the House of Commons to support her bill C-296, also an act to amend the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Textile Labelling Act to ban the importation of dog and cat fur. It would require all animal skins to be labelled. Like Masse’s bill, it has received first reading.

 … um guys, didn’t we just go over the fact fur is routinely mislabeled in the country of production. What makes you think Canadian law will affect Chinese production?

So far, the Canadian government has declined to change the current legislation. The Canadian Textile and Labeling Act requires only that fur products be labeled “fur.”

“As with all bills, our government will study this when the time comes.”

– Christian Paradis, [Fur] Industry Minister

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